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In my opinion and experience, love is never enough for a relationship to strive. But it is fundamental to not that, love is major pillar or factor. Be it as it may, if a relationship must triumph beyond all odds, it must have the basic acceptance and confidence. The acceptance; deal with understanding and ability to reason together as one and as for the confidence; it is important for the both parties to be understanding, comfortable and defend each other as worthy partners.

If you're dating someone, and the person doesn't seems to understand you or the person doesn't wish to trust your discretion to judgements of issues. Then such relationship might crash irrespective of the love between them. Because, there will always be dissatisfaction and imbalance ttolerance. Understanding will be lacking and this will enhance much dispute than usual.

Less I forget the two other fundamental pillars of relationship which include; faith and purpose.
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It seem outrightly that love is never enough. We need to add so much to the mix to sustain it and that's if God is also involved. 
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I grow up hearing the saying "bahalag saging basta labing" in english " It doesn't matter we eat banana, as long as we love each other". It a sating from the country of the Philippines, I almost heard it among with my friends. But I really don't believe on this saying. And love is not enough to strive the family, you have to work for it, feed your family you created, nourish them, guide them, acknowledge, and give some credit, respect and understanding.  Create value to the families belief and traditions is always part of the growing family. Love will always be there, but without love also, you cannot do everything. Love also without an act is useless, so I really do believe that everything will work if you do it together with love.
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Yea love without action is very empty I see people just professing with no correspondent action to balance like a total waste.
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If you often watch romantic movies, the sappy parts make your eyes well up at the drop of a hat if you are an emotional person.Movies make us believe love is enough to maintain a relationship but the question is:'love really enough?'..I have come to realise that love is not enough.Some other things like humility and respect are important too.

Another very important thing is compatibility.Two people may be in love but they may not be compatible.You guys should have great amount of same opinions and share the some common interest to be able to enjoy each others company.

Love can't solve relationship problems.When families don't get along, when their are bills to pay,when their is a lot of distance, when you don't have time for each other,then the relationship is bound to fail.

Also, you can't always make sacrifices in the name of love.When you are in love,it's essential to love yourself too.The truth is,matter how many sacrifices you end up doing for your partner,if he doesn't reciprocate the same gesture,the relationship will fall like a pack of cards
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Nothing works with love if one isn't reciprocated.No one will like a one sided can really be depressing. 
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Love takes two to tango. There are many ingredients for a relationship to surpass the test of time, and love is not just enough for it to strive. There are many people who loves their partner but still cheats or have an affair with someone. Especially in times that your partner is away from you or you have a long distance relationship. We can't deny the fact that temptations are everywhere and due to nostalgia, some people can't stand sadness and they find someone who can comfort them and be there for them physically. Eventhough they have partners waiting for them, they never know how it hurts to be fooled by someone you love. 
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Love is important. But love alone is not enough in relationship. Money, education, personality also matters in the relationship. Money is very essential to live in a happy relationship. 
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Yes because love has many attributes which includes patience, kindness, hope, openness, and communication. If you love a person you will always want to put the person first and not hurt him or her.
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