There are some red flags to look for in an early relationship, but what do you think?
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There are definitely some red flags to pay attention to early in a relationship :

  1. They're controlling you: I mean by this that they are controlling the way you dress, the people you talk to, not accepting to give you your own space and even pressuring you towards unhealthy behaviors or beliefs.
  2. They're rude to other people:  You certainly know a lot about a person based on how they treat other people, you mostly notice this behavior with people who might not meet their social class.
  3. They make you feel stupid : There are people who keep bragging about how much they know so they drive you to believing they have more knowledge than you do, we all have something that we master more than other people but it doesn't make any of us less smart.
  4. Overactive jealousy : Feeling jealous over your partner is normal, but sometimes it can pass the level of normal, It might be crossing your own boundaries, a relationship must be built on trust and obsessive jealousy is just another criteria of toxic personality traits.
  5. They talk a lot about their exes : Now we all get curious to know about the lives of our partners and what they had been through , but none of us want to hear about a certain person so much, if they're talking about them in a good way or even a bad way, talking about their ex so much is just another turn off and a big relationship red flag.
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Trust,honest and faithfulness are most important aspects to be looked at early in a relationship. Without these three aspects am very sure that the relationship between two or more people will not last  for long. 
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  • Ugh so many
  • They make you feel insecure on purpose
  • They act narcissistic toward everything that is directed toward them
  • They turn everything on you when its about them
  • Their negative all the time
  • Get defensive at the wrong times when you are tryna help them
  • Always ignoring you
  • Wont listen to you
  • When you express that they have hurt you they call it a day and say whatever
  • hold a big I don't care attitude all the time
  • hit you
  • scream at you 
  • lie
  • cheat
  • repeatedly do you wrtong
  • use u for sex
  • use u for money
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There are countless red flags to be aware of in the early relationship. Some might include the following:

  • Talking about their exes a lot
  • Not answering calls/texts as often as they should
  • Not introducing you to their friends or family
  • Taking you out only at specific timings or
  • Not taking you out at all
  • Always on the phone and ignoring you
  • Easily distracted by anything or any other person
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Its very simple and easy. Look out for these three things out of all others:

* Faithfulness

* Respect

* Support

Without any of these three in a relationship, that relationship is doomed for failure.

If your partner repeatedly behaving in a manner that would make you suspicious of cheatings. That relationship is doomed to fail.

If your partner talks down on you, and intend to embarrass you infront of people. That is not a healthy relationship.

If your partner doesn't show any support in case you're in an emergency or in some sort of trouble, they don't care. That means you should leave that relationship quickly.
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