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It is GOD who creates. HE can decide to create this person this way or that way. HE is the author and origin of everything here on earth. Nobody knows how Adam and Eve looked like, whether they were black or white skinned., the texture of their hair and all that, so we cannot say they were like this or like that.
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You have not answered my question.. let's assume Adam and eve were black,how come we have different race..Asians,Europeans, Larina's... it does not add up
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It's about the migration of people in different places. If their needs are already consumed in a certain place, they will move to another place. They are NPA or No Permanent Address. They are doing that until we have some sense of territorial. As we all know we have will to join a certain group and if they're not meeting our needs and such? Then we will go to the opposite way. Then if they are already contented about their home because it is supporting their needs, they will settle and they need to adapt to the environment. And the environment will kind of change how they evolve and such.

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