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I don't think this is a question that can be answered using rationalism or any form of logic. The bible wasn't specific about the complexion of the first two people God created. Whether they were black or white it was not documented in any part of the holy book. So therefore we don't have the absolute facts to back up the pigment Adam and Eve were having when they were created.

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If Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth, the scriptures did not tell us the color of their skin. Hence we do not know by the books whether they were black or brown or white. We can only say that they had a complete genetic constitution and that variation and natural selection occurred mostly due to environmental factors when their offspring spread across earth.

Scientifically however from archeology and anthropology, the first modern humans evolved from earlier forms and they were considerably dark skinned. Leading to the theory that evolution has its roots in Africa. So as humans began to spread and move up north, their skin started becoming paler due to lesser sunlight in those areas hence lesser melanin. This has since become an evolutionary adaptation.
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I think this is more of a logical question and not biblical to answer, because if we are to go by the Bible version, there's no place that talked about the complexion of our first parent Adam and Eve.I just want to believe that even if there were white which a lot of people will want us to believe the genes from their children must have produced the Blacks.

I will always want to believe that the Black's are the descendants of Israel which Jacob skin was black.I want to believe this though.

Sometimes I just want to believe God just created the Black's separately and gave us our own melanin.I always want to always believe my own versions of things though.
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I would be interested to know where you got the information that Adam and Eve were of this type of colour or that. I have studied the bible and nowhere is indicated that they were of this or that colour. Again Our God is able to create you like this or like that. If you look at the world today, people have different colour skins, you might meet someone whose skin colour is light while the parents are black and that's why you hear people in the society asking, 'how did this person get this kind of colour? or why does this person have this kind of hair' So these are things that we need to just leave GOD TO BE GOD and man to be man.

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