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without any scientific evidence really, do you deduce that the human race can evolve into a rare genetic form? 

Would their be a change, infinity or extinction? 

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In the absence of scientific evidence, human race will still be capable of evolving owing to the fact that they adapt to the environmental conditions that they are exposed to. This isn't only true for human species but for all species. When subjected to a condition that is mostly detrimental to survival, the genetic make up or organisms tend to make a shift causing them to evolve. To other species, when often refer to this phenomenon as mutation.

Just imagine the existence of people with white complexion in the areas high above the tropics whereas dark skinned people can be found in areas near the equator. This difference in complexion is already a form of evolution and adaptation to the difference in level of sunlight that passes through these areas.
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Interesting. Do you believe that the human race can evolve to the extent that the entire genetic make up changes such that it becomes a totally different species from what we are now?
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It remains a possibility but right now, I don't think it is possible for humans to have a complete change in genetic make-up no matter how extreme the environmental conditions get. Also, wouldn't that mean extinction since it would entail evolution from one species to a completely different one?

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Perhaps that would mean extinction or probably succession. Based from the fact that scientifically, humans were once on their fours. 
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Without any scientific evidence, there are different possibilities to that question. First off, Evolution is the process where different living organisms with different genetic composition develop from earlier life forms through out earth's history.

Considering today's environmental changes that are still happening, global warming, chemical and gas emissions, it is safe to say that there's possible of Little gene mutation here and there. But not enough to completely change genetic composition. 

If we consider an apocalyptic situation, it could lead to natural selection of the best fitted. That would decrease the available gene pool and perhaps a lot of human gene would be lost. Still not enough to cause a change. 

I highly doubt infinity. Reason being that mankind has depleted and is still depleting natural resources for sustenance and longevity. If this trend continues, extinction would be the possible outcome. 
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Human race is constantly evolving. The time between when our ancestors walked on four feet and two legs is millions of years. Evolution process is not a result of one-two years.
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According to Charles Darwin's "Evolution Theory" yes human beings can evolve. There is scientific evidence that human beings have been evolving in the past millions of years. Skulls have been found in Africa resembling chimpanzee that shows humans evolved from the monkey family. For evolution evidence you can visit any of the following historical sites in Africa; Olduvai George in Tanzania Naliokotome in Kenya and Kobi Fora.
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Genetics is needed to evolution. This is where Science has a case study of a race evolving, either with humans, animals and plants. I think Science are the ways to study how it happened and to conclude what really happened. It you like to talk about Change, I guess there will be still be change either in extinction or infinity, however, there is no proven infinity other than the presence of the Universe. We can only assume measurement of infinity of the stars in the galaxy and universe and the ones we thought are the biggest stars, as Science still continue to study, we will always discover stars that are more bigger than we used to know. Actually now there are new names of planets. I think Science is the study of almost everything.
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