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I really enjoy Queen. Freddie Mercury had such a unique talent and sound. Their music is iconic and leaves you with a good feeling. Freddie’s story and death is quite sad though and he died much too young. 

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Led Zeppelin


-Their lagecy

Led Zeppelin have inspired a huge range of bands and musical artists since their heyday. The big names include Deep Purple, Queen, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Tool, and even alternative bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkin.

-Their record breaking tours

The tours that they went on were huge, particularly during the later part of their career before the first split. Not only did they draw massive crowds, but they also earned the band a reputation befitting any rock group.

-Their influence on heavy metal

They are recognized as one of the bands that helped to create and form heavy metal as a genre, thanks to their heavy guitar driven sound. Of course, this does not mean they were stuck in one place. They also performed in the styles of blues, folk music, and psychedelia.
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I was not born in the 70" s but I love old school music.Some artist I can really talk about came to limelight in the early 80" s.

Jackie Wilson is one artist I love.His song "true love" was used in the Eddie Murphy 1980"S movie "True love"... I love that song to bits and I listen to it almost everyday.

Another artist I love was popular  in the 90"s.She still goes on tour but she is not as popular as she used to be.Brandy was really popular in the early 90" s and she released a lot of hit songs.."The boy is mine",Ave you ever"..and onslaught of other beautiful songs .Her lyrics has this childhood innocence in them and I guess that's why people go bonkers whenever her music is played on the radio.

Michael Jackson was another icon who started singing at a tender age with his brothers.The group was called "The Jackson 5".. One particular song the group released and I still listen to till date is " my girl".Michael went solo in the 8O"s and won several grammy awards, several MTV video vanguard award,was inducted twice into the rock and roll hall of fame.

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