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As reported by Kate Julian in the Atlantic Monthly in her article, The Sex Recession: Why Are Young People Having so Little Sex?, young people in the States are not as sexually active as they used to be. However, the HIV and other STI rates are through the roof, despite some saying that they have reduced a little. What then is the primary or secondary transmission of these viruses. 

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Generally  HIv can be transmitted from one Pearson to another in many such as the following.

1.By using a cutting object such as razor blade which was used by a Pearson who was infected by the HIV

2.if you have  deep injury and you accidentally contact the the injury of the affected Pearson you will mix blood and the germs .will spread to you.
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This is very true to some point, but am not sure if it is true that young people are not indulging in sex nowadays. We are still seeing a lot of promiscuity going on among the young people than the older counterparts. In fact there are those who feel using condoms is a bad idea because they don't get to achieve what they are looking for, and there are those who don't fear getting pregnant, than getting infected by aids, i don't know if there is someone else who shares my sentiments too, but the thing is sexual activities are still very rampant in these day and age. The secondary way that people are getting infected with HIV is through drugs. Drugs are really playing a big part in youngsters, and as much as they indulge they don't get to realize the damage they are causing on themselves. There is the use of needles, that they inject themselves with, which could be infected and that way they get exposed and get infected.

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