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One of the most popular affiliate programs is Google Adsense, which rakes in thousands of dollars for its users. That being said, no affiliate program is going to automatically be "fast and easy to ear" from if you're not going to do any work. How successful you are depends on how you're using the affiliate program. Most people use Google Adsense on niche websites and blogs, so if you own a blog or a website, you can generate a large following and drive traffic to the ads, making money every time someone clicks on it. Youtube pretty much runs the same way - for every 30 second ad watched all the way through, Youtubers are paid a certain amount of money. You'll need to figure out a way to generate traffic and et people to click or use your ad in order to earn a sustainable amount of money.
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Thanks for your information. I was confused about youtube. Now I'm cleared. 
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There are hundreds or even thousands of affiliate programs out there today. Amazon has a good affiliate program you can join if you have a website that makes it easy for you to offer their products and sell them. There are affiliate programs for web hosting companies, different markets, and even companies who will offer training programs. The key to being successful in any affiliate program is marketing and a website that has a lot of visitors each day. You need to work hard at it and have a lot of things to offer. Your website needs traffic and you need to be able to write up articles to help promote some of the affiliate programs that are out there today.

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