image What are some tests to determine diamonds are genuine or not?

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The five best test that to know for diamonds are:

1. The stone is known for its clarity. When light falls on it it gives out the spectrum of seven colour.

2. It is the hardest stone and therefore does not burn except when intensely heated.

3. Diamond can never be cut into a smooth round stone. It's cutting has to be prismatic.

4. When compared to any other stones in carats it is heavier.

5. Hence it has an optimum weight that can be embedded in a particular jewellery. 

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Try fogging it up with your breath. If it clears up after one or two seconds then your diamond is real. It is one of easiest way to find. Rub sandpaper against the stone. Hold it in the light to see how it sparkles. Look at the stone reflectivity. 
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The five test to identify if diamond is genuine 

1. The diamond will be shining and bright 

2. The colour must be in many change colour and white colour must surround it 

3. It most hard when touching not soft 

4. It is use to make jewellery
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