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The old saying that goes " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" remains true up to this point in time, so you judge

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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
As they say beauty is the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is often determined by the other person that's looking at you. Meaning that there is somebody you would look at and judge the person not beautiful while another person would look at that same person and judge differently that the person is beautiful.

Well, if you aske me, I think beauty shouldn't be judged mainly by one's physical attributes but rather the inner qualities of that person. We have those that are physically beautiful but they don't have human qualities like respect, compassion, kindness, morals etc. We also have those that are the opposite. They are not all that physically good looking but they are human and respectful and mannerful.

So therefore, we should learn to work not only how someone look physically but the kind of behavior and attitudes they display because in these inner qualities lie true beauty.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 67
Beauty is relative. Meaning that perception of beauty differs from one person to another. What you find beautiful, others may not. It's just like having different tastes on food, clothes, shoes etc. When you say something is beautiful, it is simply because you find it beautiful.

Some people may equate beauty to physical appearance. One very common perception is that having fair skin, petite figure or even average height is beautiful. This is where the society and media play a huge role. They tend to condition people's minds that there is really a concrete and absolute definition of beauty, when in fact there isn't. Nonetheless, others may still not  have similar judgment.

Others may look past physical appearance and consider a person's character when they define beauty. Personally, this is what I think is more valuable.
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 27
There are not set rules or standard for measuring beauty. Society has just implanted a false picture in the hearts of people. You can only have certain personal standards that you consider beautiful to you. Remember that what is beautiful to you might be hideous to the next person.

Beauty isn't only what meets the eye but also that which reaches the soul. Beauty can be found within and outside a person. While someone cares for physical appearance, others worship a beautiful soul.

So you can say that a person is beautiful when you find in them the attributes that you consider pretty. Everybody is unique and don't have to look or be a certain way. We have so many beautiful pictures so why should we just paint one and call it the standard?
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answered by ELITE (4,084 points) 7 27 72
Yes beauty is definitely subjective which is a good thing as if we all liked the same people in the romance department there would be a lot of competition and plenty of falling out with our friends.

Of course there are some people that are aesthetically very beautiful and most people will find them so but it's not like that for the majority of us. I think we all have attractive qualities but most of us would not make it in the modeling world because we don't have all the physical attributes needed.  Although I wouldn't like to be regarded as very unattractive I do see that being a good person on the inside is more important because beauty fades with time. I would much rather people thought of me as having a great personality, someone who was kind to others with a good sense of humour, a person who people liked to be around.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
Let's not full ourselves with sentiments and factors like general societal beliefs and various sayings like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". They don't really come to play in deciding what is beautiful or ugly.

The idea of judging beauty based on character or personality is completely wrong. Even psychology agrees with this fact, as it will take only an unbalanced mind to call a bat beautiful.

Beauty is all about having the right features, attractive features which is not common amongst the general populace, features which several people desire to have. This is the simplest definition of beauty and I doubt anyone can dispute these facts.

I understand how wrong it is to say a person is ugly because the word itself is considered offensive but, beauty is beauty, and what's ugly remains ugly. Everybody has eyes to see the different body features which we all know deep within us what is beautiful or not.
replied by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 27
If you say beauty is having the right features, what are the right features if I may ask? 

If these features aren't common among the general populace and majority of people desire such features then you mean only a handful out of an entire population are beautiful right? 
replied by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
Do I really have to spell it out? Everybody knows the certain features which are associated with beauty, that includes you too. Or do you expect me to call someone with the features of a silverback beautiful? 

I get where people are coming from when they say beauty is subjective or lies in the eyes of the beholder. These are statements most commonly referred to certain people who have settle with partners or spouses regardless of their looks. Such people will argue that their partners are simply the most beautiful in the world. 

Honestly, we both know that the above instance is not always so. We only say these things to our loved ones just to make them feel better of theirselves. No one will want to look at a loved one and tell them their ugly, even if it's rightly so. Doing so will put a stain on your conscience because you'll feel you've hurt the person as no one wants to be classified as ugly. 

I need you to also know that a lot people do not go into relationships based on beauty. A person might be beautiful but have a very bad personality. A not too good looking person on the other hand might have all the qualities another person needs. This is the actual reason why a lot of people settle for other people regardless of their looks.

If I was one of those happy people getting all qualities from a not too good looking partner, do ypu think I'll ever call that person ugly even if she was? 
replied by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 27
I've come to understand that you only attribute beauty to what meets the eye. Even so, what meets your eyes could be distasteful to mine. There was a time when bearded women were considered the epitome of beauty. Given the present, I doubt you'd agree with them. Again wasn't it what met their eyes? 
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answered by LEGEND (6,395 points) 6 14 36
In as much as you've said that beauty falls in the eyes of the beholder, am so much into both inner and outer beauty. Inner beauty is very crucial,someone whose kind, generous and always willing to share out what they have. On the other hand, I look at outer beauty too because I am always comfortable walking with someone whom I won't feel ashamed of when it comes to introducing them to my friends.
Both of these two matter in any relationship. But many times we're only attracted by the outer beauty and we and up complaining of people being rude or very unkind. It's probably because we never took time to read at that person's heart. Outer look deceives many people and make us in making harsh decisions. Most oftenly those people who are very beautiful, I usually don't trust them 100%.
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answered by (900 points) 1 3 12
Beauty is subjective. Basically - it's all based on YOUR perception. As many others on this website have stated, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It really depends on what you think is beautiful. Something that is beautiful to you may not be beautiful to someone else. Furthermore, there's a difference between "beauty" and "hotness". You can probably think of someone who is beautiful, but not hot. Or someone who is hot, but not beautiful. Beauty is not in physical characteristics, but in how a person holds themselves or treats others. It is how a person interacts with the world and how they present themselves on a daily manner. It is their aura, not something skin deep. True beauty is inner beauty, and that is what you look for in a beautiful person.

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