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This is a retable question because a friend had this experience after buying a sneaker from someone online. I think it will just be a matter of understanding between the seller and the buyer even without any agreement clause in place. We are all humans and as such should always be humane towards one another. The best bet will be returning the shoes after mailing or phoning the seller to let him or her know about the little issue because I see this as a very little issue if the seller is a very understanding person.

Getting an over sized or undersized shoes wouldn't do good to any buyer especially when one has spend so much trying to acquire the shoes. So simply put one returns the shoes and get a replacement especially his or her size and the problem will be settled.
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The whole issue will get better when the seller agrees for the shoe to be returned. On the case where this doesn't happen, then the buyer should find way to resell it even at a loss. 
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I was discussing something like this with a friend few days ago on the thing that we should buy and the ones that we shouldn't buy and the truth is that I will find it difficult to buy things such as shoes, clothes and food items from the internet. I don't really enjoy that period where I will buy something like shoe from an online shop only to realize that the shoe doesn't fit me.

I will feel bad and disappointed by that situation especially when it is the shoe that I will be using for an occasion as well. However, if this kind of thing is going to happen to me, I will try to find someone that will buy the shoe even at a discount price since this shoe will be of no use to me when I keep it at home. Alternatively, if it is going to fit any of my brothers, I will have to give them to start making use of while I buy another one.
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This depends on the seller. Most sellers will allow you to return the shoes for a refund, and then you can use the money you received to buy a pair of shoes that fits. However, some sellers won't let you, so just hang onto those shoes and sell them on ebay to try and get a percentage of what you spent back.
To prevent this from happening, you should scroll through the page and see if there are size comparison options. Most clothes selling sites hae a chart that shows how big certain shoe sizes are in inches/centimeters, so you can measure your own feet with a ruler and compare it to the online measurements. This insures that the shoe size you choose is the right fit.
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Buying things online can come with a lot of disadvantages although it has its perks..I don't buy things online because of the fact that the goods may be shoddy to the fact that the cloth may not fit.Getting your product may take time and your master card may be hacked.

I was once  in that situation before.I ordered for a product online.It was pay on delivery.When I got my good delivered to me,I made the mistake of paying with my ATM before checking the good.By the time I opened the package,I discovered they shipped the wrong product.

Well,most of this online sellers will allow you to return the good but you will need to wait a few weeks before you can collect the product.You will need to make some calls too.

Nobody is willing to go through that trouble. I suggest you sell it..put the product up for sale on an auction site.You may give your siblings if it fits them.

Trust me,receiving the wrong product is one thing nobody want to experience.
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If I purchased shoes online and they did not fit, it would depend on how much I paid for them. If the cost was expensive, I would request a return and exchange for the correct size. If the cost was reasonably low I would ask a friend or family, who fit into that size, if they want to buy them off me. Then I would order the correct size if I am still interested in having that shoe.
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I will sell it to my friends or neighbors which i know that  it can fit to them. And, when you buy online always check the details ,other shop indicates sometimes that for example if your size is 37 you should less 1 size or vice versa.
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It is not easy to buy shoes online because the shoe size can vary from site to site. Even in stores, you can find this. But if you have bought some shoes online and they do not fit you will need to return them to the company. You should contact the company and they should be able to send you a box and shipping labels so that you can return them for full credit. 

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