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Life is all about Purpose, if you have no purpose in life, then what are you really living for? When we wake up in the morning, we wake up to do something, maybe run errands, study or something like that. I don't think there is anyone who starts their day without having an agenda for that particular day. You will probably say today i am going to a certain place to look for something that will make me a better person,or cause some kind of impact on someone. we are here to make things happen, and to change how things are run in our lives. Life is about change and that is why we have to have a purpose in our lives. Purpose helps us make a difference in the world, With that said and done, you will motivate, encourage, build confidence, start up new projects, climb the ladder in your career and so on and so forth. All this things happen because we have a vison, a dream and focus which all spells out PURPOSE.
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I so agree. I think this is one of the major reasons suicides happen. Having dreams is a wonderful thing in this life.
I like your answer very much. it's useful for everyone. thanks for give your opinion. thanks a lot
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Purpose in life gives us a sense of direction.  If you don't have a purpose in life, it's just like living but you're actually dead. We are given another morning by God to celebrate life until the time that we finally know our life's purpose. Everyday is a blessing, everyday is a chance to make things possible with a purpose. It is our end goal as based on the hierarchy of the human needs by Maslow. Self-actualization is knowing what your purpose in life and making the most out of it. Live life to the fullest! 
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Life is a journey, and purpose is a positive direction your life is taking. Yes people become more happier when they live a purposeful life, which means they are contributing positively to the society and following the divine course. I have a purpose in life though I sometimes find it difficult to stay on course but I manage to get myself back on course. It takes a lot of energy, focus, determination to live a purposeful life especially in a world so full of distractions, the reward is fulfillment and happiness. 
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Yes.I have the purpose in my life and i feel that people who have the purpose in their life are happy.Everyone should have the purpose for their life,if they want that the Positive things will happen in their life.
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Every one of us has a purpose here on Earth. He or she just needs to take time to reailize and determine it. I am sure he or she will find it in time. We are here on Earth to have our mission.
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