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can you share the common industrial sector that uses Nitrogen Gas? 
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Pharmaceuticals. Food packaging. Light bulb production. Chemical plants. Tire inflation. Electronics.  Stainless steel manufacturing. Pollution control. Mining.
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Nitrogen uses in multiple industries, from food safety to the production of surgical anesthesia. Here are a few of the commercial and industrial uses of nitrogen.

1. Construction: When constructing pipelines in watery soil, deep underground construction companies will pass liquid nitrogen through the pipes to freeze the ground and make digging easier.

2. Materials industry: In plastic and rubber production, nitrogen gas is cooled and used to freeze materials to make them brittle.

3. Food industry: Nitrogen gas is used to displace air in food packaging. The packaging air displacement removes oxygen, which can slow the process of food spoilage.

4. Petroleum industry: Nitrogen gas is used in petroleum industry to flush gases from large tanks to prepare them for oil storage. Nitogen, being an inert substance doesn't react with oil and safe to leave the storage containers.
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Nitrogen gas in use by car industries for pumping tire, as Nitrogen enables cars to run smoothly also it does not heat up during driving which is a major cause of explosion. Nitrogen is also used in the chemical industry to produced fertilizer for production of food, and Nitrogen as a gas is readily available and makes over 70 percent of air. 
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