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Hi Nidhi! I would recommend you to use the application for it. The android application named "My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management". 

This Warranty Reminder application allows you to add gadgets details with its photo. You can add gadget name, price, purchase date, location, warranty period and brief detail whatever you want to add. By adding gadgets warranty period one time, it will save all details about a gadgets lifetime. The best part is it sends you gadgets warranty reminder. So, from now you don't have to remember the gadgets warranty expiry date.

 I am using it and it is very helpful for me. Hope, it will be helpful to you also.

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Hello, I wonder the same thing before and I just keep the box of the product (don’t put them in trashes) and I leave the notice inside with the warranty period in order to find them easily of necessary.
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