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VoIP has been around for years and is an excellent way for a business to say on long distant and local calling. If your company is spread out around the world having a VoIP service will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The network calling from one number that is in your network to another is free. Your company can make free calls to different locations around the world. Furthermore, the rates for these services are a lot cheaper than normal telephone companies. Years ago so many people switched over to Skype to make free calls around the world to other Skype members. Now they have other services like Telegram that people are using to make free phone calls. These calls only need an internet connection and the person can receive a call from another member in another country for free. You can talk for hours on the phone and not pay a dime.
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The use of Voice on internet protocol phones depends on location, cost and types of services provided by the companies. There are locations with no mobile network, and in that case VOIP are used.  Another reason is cost, if the cost of acquiring internet service is relatively cheaper than other phones network services then companies will go for VOIP. And VOIP service comes with a combination of phone and internet service which makes it cheaper. Cost, location and service are what companies considers when it comes to the decision to acquiring VOIP.
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