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Check out these top 10 tips lend a hand stay the romance well, strong and spicy for many extra future years.

1. Plan a date night

2. Try something new in the bathroom 

3. Take a trip together

4. Support one anthers dream 

5. Try a new hobby as a couple 

6. Communicate your feelings 

7. Sign up for a class together

8. Surprise your significant other

9. Reminisce about your first date

10. Discover The Exact Words TO Say That Stop Fights, Arguments, and Disagreements.... and Pull Your Partner Closer and Keep Your Love and The Spark Alive Forever. 

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To "spice up" a relationship you have to figure out where your relationship went off the rails and intimacy was lost. Most of the time relationships go through evolutions as the relationships mature.

First off, remember what it is about your significant other that attracted you. Do things together that you used to do, but no longer do anymore. Go to a movie, get dinner out, and especially experimwnt sexually.
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When a couple has been together for years they fall into a routine and live can become a bit dull. When you have a family and kids this makes it even harder to maintain a great relationship and still handle the daily duties that you must as a fami8ly. There are a few things you can do to try and rekindle the spark in your relationship.

  • Try to plan a romantic getaway with just the two of you. Make it a special weekend and ask your parents to watch the kids.
  • Try going on a camping trip and planning special hikes and a romantic evening together next to the fire.
  • Join a gym together and take advantage of the pool and hot tubs to spend some quality time together.
  • Prepare a special bubble bath for the two of you and light candles in the bathroom to make it very romantic.

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