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I am planning to add a product cart to my blog. Is there any simple and easy to use cart integration application other than PayPal. I need an out of the box application for my WordPress blog.

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Try Payoneer. Also for fresh business startups funds are very important and they create lot of hassle. So to avoid it you can check as this site helped me and my business a lot. I hope it helps you also just as it helped me. All the best!

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Payumoney is another free service you can make use of. There is also another free cart service called ecwid which can be helpful to integrate an online cart easily.
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Payoneer is another worldwide payment processor, why don't you try it out and am perfect sure that it will work for you.Payza was another good alternative but it's no longer working. Am not sure whether skrill will be available in your country or not.If all these don't work as for your desires then I'll suggest you should go for a bank wire transfer.This works anywhere in the world.
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I know a lot of companies who are from India and hire people to work there use Paytm as a form of payment. You can check this out to see if it would work for you. You can also use Skrill and people are starting to move over to this company now and away from PayPal. Furthermore, you still have Payoneer which has been around for several years and this is a trusted company to use. 

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