I am planning to add a product cart to my blog. Is there any simple and easy to use cart integration application other than PayPal. I need an out of the box application for my WordPress blog.
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Payumoney is another free service you can make use of. There is also another free cart service called ecwid which can be helpful to integrate an online cart easily.
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I have not heard about this payment service,  thanks for sharing this here. 
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Payoneer is another worldwide payment processor, why don't you try it out and am perfect sure that it will work for you.Payza was another good alternative but it's no longer working. Am not sure whether skrill will be available in your country or not.If all these don't work as for your desires then I'll suggest you should go for a bank wire transfer.This works anywhere in the world.
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I know a lot of companies who are from India and hire people to work there use Paytm as a form of payment. You can check this out to see if it would work for you. You can also use Skrill and people are starting to move over to this company now and away from PayPal. Furthermore, you still have Payoneer which has been around for several years and this is a trusted company to use. 
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When people get banned from Paypal or they're looking for a new platform entirely because they want a change, they usually check out Stripe as one of their options. Stripe has been around for a while now and is rising popularity because they pride themselves on their security. There are advance fraud filters that you can adjust to block or accept payments from people who have less than credible purchasing histories.

Stripe is definitely powerful, but still has two downside of Stripe is that you can't use it for certain niches like direct marketing, which is what I going to use it for, because it goes against some terms they have in place. The other downside is that they only allow a few dozen countries to access them, which mean you cant accept a payment unless your buyers are from those specific areas, and that means lower sales for you if you sell internationally.
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The closest alternative to PayPal is Payoneer which is one of the leading online banking platform that helps Internet Marketers & Bloggers send & receive payments at very low fees. There's Stripe as well that can help you do the same as PayPal & Payoneer. I personally like Payoneer and would like you to take a look at this blog here https://www.payoneerhow.com for more info.

Another thing is that Payoneer is also free like PayPal and also provides you a free Payoneer MasterCard also known as ATM Card which you can use to withdraw money from any ATM or make online & offline purchases using your Payoneer Account Balance. It also lets you withdraw money directly from your Payoneer Account directly to your Local Bank Account.

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There are many sites that are similar to PayPal with more or fewer features. Here are the list of some of the best money transfer sites which I have found interesting like PayPal; 1. Payoneer. 2. Stripe. 3. Transfer wise. 4.2checkout etc.
But I find payoneer more interesting;

Because payoneer is one of the oldest service for global payment, and now they are available in countries like India, Pakistan and many other countries. Payoneer will let you recieve money from countries like U.S Europe. Meanwhile, the best part oof payoneer is the transaction fee are lower and because of this,you will save more using it. Also, sign up is is free and ice you have done a transaction worth $1000 you will earn bonus if $25. Other features include;commission junction opayment, Amazon aaffiliate account to receive commission.
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Payoneer is another good payment processor which is world wide India inclusive and it a very good alternative to PayPal and unlike PayPal that is selective, payoneer isn't one can send and receive money anywhere. There's a master card associated with everyone account which money can  be withdraw at one's home country without any hassle.So you can  go over to their site to make your enquiry.

.Another good one is Paytm this is an Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company which Indians can also use for their payment transactions. So basically with Paytm money can be transfer into integrated wallet using one's debit cards, online banking , credit cards and lots more. So using this system one can pay for items via it without having cash.
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There are few payment that I will suggest to you,  they don't  have limitations and they are also use by lots of people for online transactions.
Skrill is a good payment processor that you can add because it has no limitations to any country currently,  the account creation and verification is also very easy,  the transactions charges are also bearable especially if you will be dealing higher amount.
Netterller is another very friendly payment options that you can add to your cert,  it little or no issues with account limitation and it is very friendly to Indians too.
Payooner, is a very reliable and popular payment processor that is been used for online transactions too,  it is safe,  secure and have no issues with limitation, it is available in most countries of the world.
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Not sure if it works for Indians, but you can try out following and see if they are a good alternative to paypal. 





These are some of the offshore remittance services that has been working on for the indians and they pretty much make some good money using it on the freelance market. 
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