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Are there any sites related to earning by working as an academic doubt solver ?

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Yes, there are sites where you can earn by solving doubts or answering questions. Sites like Chegg, studypool and, are places where you can get jobs to either solve doubts or questions. These sites are open to explore
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Several online platforms offer opportunities for individuals to earn money by helping students with their academic queries. Here are some popular options: Chegg, Studypool, and Course Hero. 

1. Chegg:

  • Online Tutoring platform 
  • Tutors can sign up to answer student's questions.
  • Earn money for each question addressed.
2. Study Pool:
  • Online marketplace for academic assistance.
  • Students post questions and the tutor can bid to answer. 
  • Tutors earn money by providing answers to student queries. 
3. Course Hero: 
  • Online learning platform with course-specific study resources. 
  • Tutors can earn money by uploading study materials or answering students questions. 
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I personally like studypool best, especially for someone who is still undergoing graduation. It has a  test for a subject of your interest which tests your language as well as knowledge of that subject. In it you can bid on questions according to your choice 
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While there are websites and platforms that connect students with experts who can answer questions and provide academic guidance, it's crucial to understand the ethical and academic integrity implications before engaging in such services. Some activities might be considered cheating depending on your institution's policies and the nature of the work.

Here's a breakdown of some platforms mentioned earlier, but with a specific focus on ethical considerations:

Question-answering platforms:

Chegg: Offers tutoring and homework help, but strictly prohibits providing answers that could be used for plagiarism or cheating. Tutors can be penalized or banned for violations.

Studypool: Similar to Chegg, with clear guidelines against providing complete solutions or encouraging cheating. They offer document reviews and proofreading, which should remain focused on grammar and formatting, not content accuracy.

TutorMe: Provides live tutoring sessions, focusing on guiding students through problems rather than supplying direct answers.

Crowdsourcing platforms:

Quora: Though not designed for academia, some experts offer paid consultations. Verify their credentials and use their guidance responsibly, avoiding direct answers that could be misused.

Brainly: While aiming for educational value, it can be misused for cheating. Avoid directly providing answers that students can copy-paste, and instead offer explanations and strategies.

Subject-specific platforms:

Mathway: Focuses on solving math problems step-by-step. Ensure your explanations are clear and don't simply give away answers, encouraging students to understand the process. Similar to Mathway, promotes understanding over direct answers. Be mindful of providing solutions that could be misused for cheating.

Important reminders:

Always prioritize academic integrity. Don't engage in any activity that could be considered cheating or plagiarism.

Understand your institution's policies on academic assistance. Consult your professors or academic advisors for clarification.

Focus on offering guidance and explanations, not direct answers. Help students understand concepts and develop their own solutions.

Be transparent about your qualifications and expertise. Ensure you can genuinely offer valuable assistance in the subjects you choose.

Alternative ethical options:

Consider official tutoring opportunities offered by your institution or community.

Join study groups or online forums where you can collaboratively learn and discuss academic topics.

Offer mentoring or peer support to fellow students, focusing on general study skills and problem-solving strategies.

Ultimately, remember that earning income should never come at the cost of academic integrity or violating institutional policies. Choose responsible and ethical options that contribute to genuine learning and knowledge sharing.
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Yes, there are several websites where you can earn money by working as an academic doubt solver or tutor. Some popular platforms include Chegg Tutors,, and Wyzant. These websites connect students with tutors who can help them with their academic questions and assignments. Keep in mind that requirements and opportunities may vary, so it's a good idea to research each platform to find the best fit for your skills and preferences.
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Yes, there are sites like Chegg,, and StudyPool where you can earn by working as an academic doubt solver, providing assistance and solutions to academic questions.
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