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There are a lot of sites similar to Answeree, like Postloop or JustAnswer. However, most websites that pay you to answer questions are mainly for researchers looking for experts on certain topics. Answeree is a lot more mainstream and ordinary.

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There are several other sites for earning online which have similar operations like answeree. I've worked a couple of them in the past and they turned out pretty alright.

Postloop is one of many such sites with user activities that revolves around posting questions, articles, replying and commenting, just like answeree. But there's quiet a major difference between both the sites. Postloop is like a medium, connecting users and forums to work together. And on postloop, points are calculated according to your rating's privilege, which is reviewed from time to time and awarded inline with individual performances. So the better content you post, the higher your rating, which also means you can subscribe to more sites and earn more points. 100 points on postloop equals $5, which is the minimum cash out. Asides that, it's basically a writing site just like answeree.

Another site worth mentioning is BMF. BMF stands for beer money forum. Just like other sites, this one too allows users to register and make post and comments while they earn. Their point system is quiet similar to answeree, every post gets a standard point.You need a minimum one thousand points to cash out. Another interesting part of BMF is their market place section. There you can find paid jobs or services with a predefined amount which will be paid if you choose to undergo the task. There are quiet a lot of task there and points can be easily piled up there.

I believe this are the two most reliable writing sites which I can personally recommend you try out.
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I joined BMF but still figuring out the site because it's more look like Forumcoin for me.
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Yes, I'm on couple of other sites but I'm enjoying posting on Postloop more. I just joined the site and I'm doing fine on it.

Postloop is a good and legit paid to post site which gives one 5cents per post.All what one need do is to create an account on the site to register with them,then post 10 comments on their portal for assessment and approval by the admin, if approved which might take up to 24 hours one can then subscribed to forums one loves through one's rate point and one will start posting to forums.
One need about 100 points to cashout that's about $5 and one can cash out anytime just have the minimum cash in your account.

The only payment getway is through PayPal. I like the site because it's very relaxing nothing to worry about.
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Do you need to pay membership on postloop in order to start earning or it is free to join?
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It is absolutely free,just create an account and give 10 comments on their Portal for approval.if approved you can start earning.
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Thank you for letting me know it is free, I thought you need to pay to become a member.
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Yes,  I have other online earning sites that i also engage on to earn more money such that after accumulating the total earnings at the end of month it will be reasonable. The earning sites includes.
Digital global forum,  this is paid to forums where members can makes 5 posts and threads per hour,  the minimum payout is 5000DG is $6.25, per post is 15 DG while 25 DG per thread.. The site pay on the 5th of every month
Beer money forum is another site where i also work,  it also a paid to post forum sites that centres majorly on discussions on how to make money online,  it reward 20 BMF per post,  50BMF per thread,  1000BMF is $1 and the minimum payout is $1, the site pay almost immediately though officially 25 th of every month.
Forum coin is also a paid forum where I work to earn minimum of $5 monthly on average of 15 posts per day.
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Oh wow, that's a lot of forum going to do but still low in earnings. I started doing forumcoin but, I think I will only do it for once in a while. $5 a month is way to low.
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Forum coin was very slow for me I haven't been  on the site for a long while now but it really a nice site though. 
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Same here with me,just had to keep forum coin aside I know $5 is still manageable per month but sometimes it just take too long a time. 
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Forum coin is not a high paying sites I am active on the site because the task is very simple and I get more information from the site. 
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I stop on forumcoin now since I don't see much progress and taking too long to earn $5. I think there are other sites that can earn more than $5 a month.
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Forum coin is slow earning alright if you just do 10 or 15 posts a day, but it also offers other ways to earn through forum coin faucet and also through writing articles. If one can write about 8- 10 articles a month you could easily earn $15 to 20 a month which I see is much better than what most sites offer. 
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