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What are the factors homeowners should consider when choosing a builder?

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Homeowners should consider that the builder has experience, empathy, can be trusted, doesn't seem only in for the money (so doesn't only ask for money but ask what they want the house to look like before telling the cost), a builder who asks questions about the interior (inside of the house) and the exterior (outside of the house) designs and ideas that the homeowner wants, also that the builder has a crew of also professional people.

Good house builder personality traits: 

*Has empathy

*Highly creative

*Has a crew of professionals, if they do (some good builders work alone)

*Cares about your house ideas more than the money they're going to get

*Keeps you update with PICTURES OF THE HOUSE rather than just tell you words

*A great listener that listens to your suggestions and what you want changed

*When they do ask for money to the budget probably for the interior, the exterior of the house looks perfect

Bad house builder personality traits:

*Greedy for more of your money added to the budget

*Only focuses on the interior of the house, leaving the exterior not painted nor structured

*Doesn't have a clue what they or their team is doing

*Keeps you away from coming to visit how the house is looking like with lies that's going "good"

*Wanting to rush perfection

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When choosing a builder, homeowners should consider factors like, experience, reputation, licensing, and his or her budget.

1. Experience-- Choose a builder who has a good experience in doing the work and in a quality manner.
2. Reputation-- choose a builder with good reputation based on his good profile proofing his or her professionalism.
3. Licensing--- choose a builder with updated licenses as a proof of legit qualification for the work
4. Budget--- choose a builder who is within the available budget
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