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I think it will probably be Trump again which I can never understand as I think he's totally unfit for the job but he does have a big following in the US so I believe he will win it again. I know that most politicians are corrupt but I think he is positively dangerous. At least a US president can only serve two terms which means even if he does get in it will be the last time. He can do a lot of damage in that time though.
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One scary hurdle for Trump is the ongoing impeachment treat, if he survives that which am sure he will because at the moment American are divided on the issue, he has to build his popularity again to win the hearts of many Americans. 
He has a huge following though which I can never understand. He has no tact and often upsets other country leaders which can be dangerous. I think it would be a good thing if he actually was impeached but I'm sure he will wriggle out of it.

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