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Many times we're told that one day we will resurrect after death. The question is,do you believe in life after death?
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I do believe in life with God in Heaven. I do want to be there too. I want to be saved and be with God eternally. Life after death, if you died, you are just sleeping somewhere and you be resurrected on the judgment day. 
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My Faith is only in God alone nothing more and nothing less. I fully trusted Him with all my heart and my life.
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My faith lie in God and believe life after death. And I also believe that once the rapture trumpet sounds the saints are going to be resurrected to join Jesus Christ in cloud.
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Faith is the greatest inspiration anybody can have.Everything you achieve boils down to the fact that you had faith for it at some point of time.Faith has power, faith is the catalyst for any positive change.


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I am Hindu, this is my culture and faith; what Hinduism teach us that, we are soul, not body. Soul is immortal, neither born nor it will die; whatever it will do in body, it will bear; it is deed that is count.

You can count it in the way - As you sow, so shall you reap.

So my faith is - Be Good and Do Good; selfishness will only bring unhappiness. There is life after death and this life is which we lives in real.
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Well, I believe I will come as a new person, and will not remember anything from my previous lives.

I also believe I carry friendships/issues with people from my previous lives, things that I have to deal with in my current life.

Have you ever asked yourself, WHYYYY is this happening to me? WHYYYY is this person so annoying to me? I dont think anything happens in life for no reason. I believe life is made of actions and consequences.

I believe that this life I have is to get better as a human being, fulfilling my own path for this life.

I believe we started as little things, evolved and evolved and will always evolve :)

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My grandmother was American Indian and in this culture, the body is burned when you die. This is said to release your spirit so it can travel to the spirit world and join the rest of your family there. They also believe a new star shines in the sky when you reach this world. As for coming back after death, anything is possible. There is nothing to prove this is true or not true. 

I believe after we die our spirit can be born again in a new world. However, if you trap this spirt in a box in the ground it can't be set free to find the new spirit world. Pople needs to have their spirits released so they can travel freely to the new spirit world where they will find peace and happiness. This is what I was taught and this is what I think will happen when we die. 

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Yes i believe that there is life after death.There is a story in the Bible about lazarus and the Rich man.One day the beggar  died and went to abrahams bossom in heaven  and the rich man died.And the rich man crying out in hell and lifted up his eyes and see abraham is comforted while rich man gnashing of teeth and beg to have water in his tongue.So the bible says there is hell after the death.
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