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If am given a chance to go back to high school, I can performe very well, get a good mean grade and hence do the course that have always dreamt of doing. Now that I know the kind of life outside school, I'll utilise it well to my level best.
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After a careful look at my life, if given the second opportunity, I will follow my conscience in all I do, and be careful with certain friend because of negative influences. 
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I did my engineering major in electronics and communication. If second chance given, I will do my engineering better. Study better. Enjoy with friends. 
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If i will be given a Second chance,i will remove the bad things in my life.I will rectify the mistakes,done by me.I will live my life in the way,that i wanted.
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I do not need to go back to the past for the second chance. Personally, we need to move forward and face the things that are happening and will happen in the future.
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The past can never come back to us for us to correct our mistakes but instead today is here and the future is waiting hence we should live today better for a brighter future. 
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Anything. A second chance to live a better and happier place with your loved  ones and close friends. This would be perfect and ideal place to  live in where  all you show  is positivity and love and prosperity.
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Do not repeat the things which made one regret the most and start over again by not doing those silly mistakes that one have done earlier .
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