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answered ago by LEGEND (5,023 points) 4 7 17

If given another chance, I think I'll do engineering. Its was always fun connecting wires while I was still in high school. Actually, physics was one of my best subjects and at times I used to refer to it as a booster subject because even without much reading I was sure I would still get an A because I was very good when it came to practicals. In addition to that, physics is such an enjoyable subject and you can enjoy reading. Am just assuming engineering is  purely physics.

Something with me is that, I always love the male dominated careers. I don't know the main reason behind that but its a fact about me and even the degree that am currently doing in campus is still male dominated. Finally, engineering is very marketable in my country. You can always be guaranteed job within few months after your graduation unlike many other courses.

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answered ago by (66 points) 1
I had an interdisciplinary degree in college - Bachelor of General Studies - with specializations in accounting, finance and marketing. If I could go back, I would select the following specializations: accounting, computer science and management information systems. Accounting and MIS go very well together. In fact, many businesses recruit information systems professionals with an accounting background. The computer science courses would have given me a strong background in computer programming and web development. I could do more online freelancing with a computer science and MIS background.

My specializations - accounting, finance, and marketing - do compliment each other. However, I would be in a stronger position to provide more valuable services to clients with computer science and MIS background.
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answered ago by Patron (2,827 points) 3 6 17
I wanted to study medicine at the university. I wrote the entrance exam twice and twice I passed but for personal reasons I couldn't go to college for those two years. It was the worst two years of my life. On the third trial I got in again but this time the college weren't taking in students for medicine that year. I had run out of choices and I wasn't going to stay back another year so I opted for Biological Sciences.
If I had the opportunity then, I would have gone back to study medicine but not now. Biological sciences made me more aware of my environment. I realized the environment is in dire need of relief and it needs more of us.
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answered ago by (1,256 points) 2 4 16
Honestly speaking, I would have loved to graduate with first class degree. Looking back now in hindsight, I realized there were so many things I would have done differently but younthful exuberance had too much hold on me back then.

Without attempting to cast blame on my lectures, they were also part of the reason why some of us in the department couldn't graduate with our desired degrees. They were not only too strict but sadistically mean. They were more interested in seeing students graduate with lower degrees due to the fact that some of them did not graduate with higher degrees too in their first degree program.

I believe all that is in the past now because after years of graduation I came to realization that it is not all about the degree you graduated with but what you can do practically in the labour market that really count.
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answered ago by LEGEND (7,162 points) 4 14 34
I have always loved art and wanted to travel through Europe as an art student. However, this isn't a realistic career or even a possibility to gain a living like this. I had a dream when I was younger that it would be so exciting to study art. At the college, I attended they had one course that offered you an opportunity during the summer holidays to join the class and travel to Europe to visit all the great places in Europe and see the different artists and to study with them.
When you are younger and think about what you want to be when you grow up the dreams you have are so different than what you actually do. In truth, I found my calling when I was 15 and discovered that I loved computers and I wanted to know how they worked. I wanted to understand how to write the programs, build the machines and make them work. I did build my very first computer from scratch when I was 16. I designed my motherboard and hardwired every chip on the board to make it function correctly. I even wrote the machine coded language to make the board work with the clock and processer. You could actually work on the computer I had built.
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answered ago by ELITE (3,001 points) 2 3 13
If I'm given another chance I will like to read Business administration add it  to my accountancy degree that I have  already. Since I can really account for all that will transpired in a business then I should then  learn about what its entails to run a business successfully even in a very harsh economy like mine.

I'm looking at starting an importation business offline and I need the skills to start the business from scratch and really get it off the ground without it crashing. I'm really seeing my self owning a conglomerate in the future because I'm really thinking seriously about starting my business with my mutual funds.Studying Business Administration will be the first step in the right direction and other things can be added.
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answered ago by ELITE (3,080 points) 2 5 13
I am fond of Psychology. I have good grades on two psychology subject I had in College. I love learning Psychology. I think if I pursue that degree before, i will not have anxiety as of the moment. I think I solved it. I imagine myself having that degree and becoming an author based on experiences I had in life and helping lots of woman like me that has been pressured by this world. I think I should take that degree again. If I have been given a chance, I would want to study Psychology even with in a small and simple university so that another dream will come true to me. At present, I do not stop reading books about Psychology if that could only be the way to feed up by me being starve by educating myself more about Psychology. I wish I have time but I will make sure i have time.

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