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In most cases the answer is yes, frustration is when you try to achieve a certain outcome without any result. The lack of achievement in many people sometimes trigger hypertension. But in other cases hypertension is naturally part of the individual. Best solution is to study and understand yourself and consult psychologist and a medical professional 
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I think both are all in response to stress. Checking why we are stressed ultimately helps to prevent hypertension
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I think the hypertension comes from doing the things which you hate and being known or conscious about it. Frustration comes from knowing that we have something that is affecting us. So learn about both frustration and hypertension and see where you can improve. Meeting a shrink in such situation can do a lot better for your health. 
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These are two totally different conditions as frustration is a psychological condition whereas hypertension is a bodily condition. Yes, frustration could lead to hypertension as when stuck somewhere or met with failure could lead to increase in blood pressure, generally seen. 
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