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Differenve between the metal and non-metal crown is that, metal crown is made of some metal like chromium, molebdenum, palladium, even Gold etc, however nickel is not used; while non-metal crown is made of zirconium. The zirconia nonmetal is not the mineral zircon that is used for making costume jewelry, zirconia dental crowns are popular and advised by the dental health experts.
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First of all, crowns that are used in the posterior have a core material. This is either porcelain type core material. Then more esthetic porcelain material is placed over the top of the core material. For many years metal has been used as the core material. This is for strength. The porcelain is bonded to the metal. porcelain fused to the metal crowns are typically opaque than ceramic crowns. The other problem that some people have is that porcelain and metal crowns can show a darker line if the gum tissue reduces.

All ceramic crowns can either made without a core is called a porcelain jacket crown. These crowns relay on a bond between the underlying tooth and porcelain for strength.

Porcelain/metal crowns still have their place in dentistry. All-ceramic crowns provide great esthetics and show promise for a long-term result. There are many factors associated with crown choice -bitting force, area of the mouth, surrounding colors of other teeth are just a few.

I use both all-ceramic and porcelain/metal crowns(and even gold crowns when indicated). Most dentist recommends Acero crowns for its durability and longevity.

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