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I have seen a lot of forums and blogs online but the main difference is that in blogs, there are not as user friendly as forums. 

Only the blog owner can add new content in the blog while members comment but on forums, it's more user friendly as members can add new contents. 
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A forum site is where you as a question and everyone interact each other to tackle the question or answers, while in a blog, you are reading a topic and give a comment or compliment to it and rarely people discuss each others answer.
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Forums are used for people to converse with each other - it's like a formal, glorified chat group. Blogs, however, are where creators (generally writers) put out articles for others to read and comment on. 

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The difference between forums and blogs:


  • A forum is an online community that people can go to discuss certain topics.
  • In a forum, a new topic is called a thread.
  • People answering or responding to the thread are called posts.
  • Topics are arranged by categories and sub-categories.
  • In a forum, there are rules to follow when creating threads or adding posts to the thread created.
  • Forums form an online community of people who go there to seek answers or to discuss a problem.
  • Depending on the forum the owner can pay people to work on the forum.
  • There are communities that offer forum posting to new forum sites. The owner of the forum will hire a company to get their forum off the ground. In return, the company hires freelancers to post on these forums and pays them a fee.l
  • You can use a forum to earn money, this is the same as a website.
  • Forums receive many comments and new threads each day. It isn't necessary to worry about supplying content on your forum. The people do this for you. 
  • To start a forum you'll need a special software package and this can be quite expensive.
  • A blog site is a weblog where you post content for people to read.
  • The weblog can be about a certain topic or about your personal journey.
  • As the owner of a blog, you are free to pick and choose the content that is written on your blog site.
  • You will be the only one doing the research and posting the content on your site.
  • It is up to you to pick and choose the best content to attract visitors to your site to read what you have to say.
  • Blogs can be about certain niches, a variety of subjects, poetry, advice, life, earning money, saving money, or whatever you want to write about.
  • Blogs need constant updating otherwise people will lose interest and stop visiting them.
  • You need to do a lot of research to find out what people are interested in and decide how to present them with the subject.
  • You will need to love to write and work on a blog in order to make it grow.
  • A blog, like a forum, can earn money as long as you can attract site visitors.
  • It is easy for anyone to start a blog site, however, it isn't easy to find the time to maintain the site and write new content.
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Seriously ,I find forums to be more fun to post on than blogs. I feel like my freelance freedom to post is extremely limited in blogs. 
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For me, a forum consists of different thread, with different sub thread that contains lots of topics. The topics are categorize and there are admins, SEO, Quality Creator and Owner always updating the site.They have members who are active in making the post or starting a topic.  Blog, on the other hand, is maintained by a person or two. The owner itself could work as a SEO content giver, admin and everything, even the social media manager. Blog contains different topics or articles that everyone could leave a comment on some blogs. Both of the sites need SEO and active posting. I am not a technical person but I can describe Blog as something personal compare to Forums. Forums, are a site that is active and entertaining. I am a member of blogging sites and forum sites and I can say, I love both.
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Exactly! Blogs are maintained by the owners or the hired staff and it's only them that are allowed to add new topics to the blog.

But forums are very much free and open to anyone who has new topics to add for more discussion to the general community.

Answeree is a forum. 
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Blogs and forums are sites where you can get information based on the array of topics available. Both are managed by the blog owner, forum owner and their admin. With a blog, you need to gather quality content all by yourself in order to draw more visitors whereas forums have contents from its members and visitors which makes it more interactive and the information on different subjects is broader as you'll have many people contributing. 

Earning on blogs needs more traffic that converts. While on adsense, You'll need visitors that would click on ads and affiliate links and buy products too. There's also more work to do in terms of promoting the blog with SMO, SMM etc. However, forum have less work to do to gain traffic. They share revenue with visitors, this makes them more popular and they attract advertisers. 

Forums cost more to management in the beginning if it is a paying forum. You'll need money to pay members at first before gaining all of the traffic.

With forums, you'll need to put up measures and rules to control the quality of content so as to make it at the top of SEO whereas with blogs, you determine your own content with little contribution from your visitors If you wish. Quality content plays critical role in monetizing your blog.
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I do agree with you on this completely. One thing that I love about blogs is that there are more high quality contents on the platform than what you can get in some forums.

Most times, blog posts are moderated before they are made publicly available. 
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I belong to several forums and I would describe them as a place to interact with others and express ideas and opinions on various topics. It's my favourite online activity and I never tire of contributing to them. However they do not need constant attention like a blog. You can go away at the end of the day and forget about them but a blog is different.

A blog needs a lot more attention than a forum. It is  usually a piece written by an individual and needs maintaining on a regular basis. It would normally be on a specific topic which a person is interested in and people are invited to leave comments. It's much harder work than a forum as the owner has to make sure that it is kept up to date to keep people interested or it will die.
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Well, in as much as blogs are highly managed, both forums as well needs to be well managed in order to prevent spammers to come and spam the day lights out of your site thereby turning it into a trash dumping site. 

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