I have planned to purchase a new electric car. I dont know what factors to be considered and which one would be the best car for me?
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Hi prateek

Below are the best cars list for 2020

Tesla model 3

Porsche Taycan

Hyundai Kona electric

Chevrolet Bolt EV
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Chevrolet Bolt a new electric and small or cheap price car is very comfortable drive for a whole city hope it will best car for you in 2020

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Well , I would like to ask you a think , is chevolet cars available worldwide ? Its not here n my country no we do not have that brand in here
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It would highly depend on what's your budget , and where you live . Not all same companies and cars are available world wide . If budget isn't your problem , then MG ZS EV is the right car for you 
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Hello Pratik

If your budget is above 20 lacs then go with Hyundai Kona.

And for budget nearing 15 to 16 lacs Tata nexon EV is the best and safe option.
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