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How to make a website on food,drink and cooking topics?  And how can I promote my food website to appear on Google search results.
This is my blog on cooking https://recipes-by-geeta.blogspot.com
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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If you have social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, post a great picture, a high quality one and share it to your social media sites. Make your account public so that everyone could able to see it. 
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Promote it on other social media platforms - millions of users frequent these sites every day, so you'll be able to grab an audience from there.

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I appreciate the motive behind your blog !

1)Identify your target audiences

2)Know what is their problems they are facing , while cooking

3)Enroll into few cooking forums and know the audiences well.

4) Write a simple but effective blogpost

5)Use Social media

6) Directory Listings

Offcourse my answer on  https://www.answeree.com/454/how-to-increase-my-website-backlinks is one of good back link generation method
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You can promote your website through social media or even through this site answeree.com. Just ask some how to questions about any recipes or something related to cooking and answer it perfectly with a link pointing to your cooking blog. It will help you to get traffic within a week or two.
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Some one asked a question about  how to make back link to a website  I think the answer to that question will help you for ranking and search result see this link:  https://www.answeree.com/454/how-to-increase-my-website-backlinks

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The easiest way to make a fully functional food and cooking website is to use wordpress cms. Designing and Programming skills not necessary to use wordpress and you can easily install same by using their step by step instruction and then configure your website and finally fill your site with food and cooking related contents, images, videos etc.

Your food and cooking website needs complete seo services i.e search engine optimization. SEO is essential for any types of online business and without this you can never lead your business into successful.

SEO services consists of technical site audit, keyword research, on page optimization, off page optimization especially content marketing and finally social media integration, management and marketing. 

Once you start seo, you can see visible improvements in a few months, which will keep on improving in subsequent months.

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We can promote our cooking website by adding the ads in the website or in the youtube we can promote the cooking ads.If you are new to this cooking website,you can go to the refer some topics on cooking website and then you can ad this ads on your website which are the topics which you made available while you search in cooking websites.Promotion can also be done through newspaper ads and giving the topics on newspaper and magazine so the user will search for this kind of websites.You can use this best essay writing service for any kind of work.

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