I would like to know the side effects of Avapro - Irbesartan

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The common side effects of avapro are headaches, light headedness, stomach upsets, diarrhea, heartburn and tiredness. If you know about these side effects it is easy to know what to do. Its function is greater than the side effects.
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The common side effects of Avapro is dizziness, lightheadedness, upset stomach, diarrhea and heart burn or tiredness. Every pills has their own side effect.
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Avapro is irbesartan (antiypertensive drug) used in the treatment of hypertension. It relaxes the blood vessels and help in easy flow of blood. 

Stomach problem,giddiness,headache,frequent stools are the main side effects.
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Common side effects of Avapro include:


lightheadedness, or.

upset stomach as your body adjusts to the medication, as well as.


heartburn, or.

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A side effect of Avapro are-

1. Unexplained muscle pain.

2. Tenderness or weakness

3. Fever

4. Unusual tiredness

5. Dark-colored urine

6. Lightheadedness

7. Little or no urination

8. Swelling

9. Rapid weight gain

10. Confusion

11. Loss of appetite

12. Vomiting, and

13. Pain in your side or lower back.
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There are many serious side effects of avapro such as--

1- High amount of avapro in body cause swelling. 

2- There is very little or no urination in body.

3- High amount of avapro causes lightheadness problems. 

4- Avapro increases unusual tiredness in our body.etc.
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