I just want to know whether we can earn money from this answeree site. If so explain about it.
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Yes, you must reach 3000 points to earn in answeree. Those who have earned here say the payment is processed quickly through PayPal. 3000 points is equivalent to about $30. All these are contained in the TOS
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Thank you so much for your answer. I am new to here. So only asking this question. Thanks.

  1. Thank you very much sir for the answer . I am relatively new to this site and I am learning it bit by bit and I was wondering what the minimum payout would be .
Yes. I received my payment. The minimum point is 2000 and it is equivalent to 2 dollars. 
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Yes.Here,you give the answers for the money.Payout is according to the points,earned by you.Everyone should use this Platform.Thanks.
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Yes. I have withdrawn my money thrice. Thanks for your answer. 
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That's what FAQ says. Yes, Answeree pays. I don't see $$ signs on my dashboard (profile). I just see numbers and where numbers are dedicated to. 
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Some rectification. One is paid when they reach 2,000 points for newbies and 5,000 for oldies. 1000 points is equivalent to $1

If 1000 points is $1, then, 3000 points is $3.
Correct?  I like the research a lot that I gain from this site. With the questions, creativity is the key. 8-)

You are absolutely very right. Minimum points for newbies is 2000. With my 2000 points I received $1.61

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