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Jeep compass is only 5 seats so will be a 7 seven seater like Jeep Commander coming to India?


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The new Jeep Commander was shown at the car show in Beijing in April. This was actually the first viewing of the new car. At this time it was reported that Jeep had or was not making any kind of arrangements to bring this car to India and sell it there. That was a few months ago and so far Jeep has not made any other official statement if this car will be sold in India or not. 

I would have to say that this might not happen until next year or it could never happen. Only Jeep can make this decision and it is wise to keep your eye on the news releases from Jeep and see if they've changed their minds and will finally allow the car to be sold in India. 

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These Jeep Compass is less better in comparing to Jeep Commander, but Compass is available in India than Commander. There are some other companies too which have different clone of those, for example Mahindra group already have it's "Mahindra Thar"  which is less powerful then Jeep Compass but strong and have better mileage, and also with less than half price of Jeep Compass. Jeep Commander launched in India in April is 7-seater Jeep Grand Commander with much more facilities, but price is also nearly double to Jeep Compass.

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