We all use some kind of tech stuff or the other right ? We have things like computers, phones , tablets , but my biggest question is that , why do many prefer Iphone or anything apple . When I compare the apple products with other competing products by other companies and expecially Samsung , Samsung always has a better specification . And the main thing I do not like about Apple is that their product are way too costly . I am not saying Samsung is cheap , in fact , I like Samsung a lot because of its clean design and premium feel and the wonderful features it come with . Do if it where choosing between Apple or Samsung , it would definitely be Samsung .

I do not mean Apple is bad . In fact I appreciate Apple for what they have done , they make their own operating system , their of chipset and Doc which are very powerfull , so yes , my conclusion is that apple is a big thing , but it could so a lot more .

What do you think ? Can apple be better ?
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Sometimes, it's through word of mouth that makes the product so popular and the "biased" choice. But I guess Samsung is still the most preferred by the smarter many.:D

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Products of the Apple is a big deal because their cost is such high.The durability of their products are the highest amongst the all brands.
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The major reason why Apple as succesful brand is it's dynamic, constantly changing business plan. Apple originally started as just another computer company. But jobs always knew that it was meant for much bigger things. Apple had to expand it's offerings if it was to grow.
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Apple gives you quality products, that is the reason they can justify the high price. Otherwise I personally have yet to find out if they have any serious long term value. It is expensive like buying sports car. And it just gets too much expensive to even maintian it. 

So people who have money tend to buy it to differentiate with others. And so they are making it look like some rich people own it and maintain it. So that is one reaosn it is such a big deal lately. 
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Apple is such a big deal because the products they make are of very high quality and last for a long time. For their computers, one of the reasons they are so expensive is because they have Apple's operating system, MacOS. Many people like this operating system and so Apple can charge more for it.
For their phones, they have great hardware-software integration and an excellent camera. Also, there is a concept called the Apple Tax where people pay more for Apple products because they have the Apple brand.
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