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There are many ways to stay and motivated the all day. 

The first thing is to be Be confidence. You need to be confident about you and your activities. 

To stay active you need to enjoy each good and bad things. You need to enjouy your work so, you will give your hundred percent effort into it. 
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Thanks @vishnu23. Yes confidence make us to active all day. 
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Below sometips to always stay active and motivated :

  1. Don't assume money will motivate you
  2. Make sure they are yourn goals
  3. Visualize the results
  4. Break the goal down into smaller pieces
  5. Tap into other people's energy
  6. Get organized
  7. Keep the big picture in mind
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You must think about your purpose in this word. Pandemic is not the reason why we need to be in vain. It is not the end of the world. We must stick to what we had planned for this year and continue to achieve personal goals in life, either short or long-term goals.
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Doing some breathing or mindfulness exercises will often help you stay positive and energetic. ...

Listen to music. ...

You can also motivate your self by doing a job while giving yourself a small treat. ...

Make things fun. ...

Stay positive. ...

Have personal idols.
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With so many variables in our everyday life, its not an easy task to stay motivated and active all the time. 

In order to be active and motivated on a regular basis on need to have some ongoing motive in life, some goal posts, some rewards and some breaks. All these will definitely boost your zeal of life. :)
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Stay active at all times can be challenging as days ae not always the same. Someday you are energetic, some days you are down. Hence keeping the active and positive vibes need some skill. 

Eat a healthy diet, do what you love and enjoy and surround yourself with people who build you. 
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