In this crucial time when corona is spreading everywhere what do you think about China
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If China was not affected by the pandemic then I would have thought differently because the virus originated from China, but since the country was affected then I assume it was all a mistake for them to have allowed the virus affect the world. 
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the virus originated there but i don't what to judge which fault is it really. they after all alarmed a whole world and we all live on the same planet. maybe i'm a little suspicious that they didn't let foreign experts to make an analyze of the first wave but, all in all, my opinion on china is neutral.
Okay,if that Coronna virus spread I suppose for a while was not China 's fault then also I will blame them due to the fact that they are creating economic  and border issues with many countries and can do anything to become Super-Power. 
I know the situaion with India and I'm sorry. Those lives are lost and noone can make up for that.
Yes,that is and they are making a mess  out everywhere,don't know what more  is buzzing into their mind.
i don't like political misunderstanding but, thesse are people's lives and something must be done. in this age, this should have not been happening.
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During or after this pademic covid-19 China will be dreaded country to visit. As we know the source of this corona virus is from wuhan. People will thing twice before visitng that country. Beside of that China will have a crisis economy after this pademic.

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In this deadly situation,when everyone are trying to find ways to fight with corona virus,China is certainly involved in border issues and creating trouble for many countries.
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We all know the fact that coronavirus came from China. Lately, they are claiming that it is not where it comes from. This is purely denying the fact and not accepting full responsibility. On the other hand, there are some speculations that they intended to create this virus. In the past years before the spread of this silent killer virus, they were eating bats. Now, they are claiming it is the carrier of the pathogens. It is still a big mystery if this is a real fact.
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