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When I worked outside the home and I was required to report to work at a certain time, I set an alarm clock.  But now that I work from home and can set my own schedule, I don't use an alarm clock.  Also my alarm clock broke!  LOL.
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Not everyday though. But i do set alarm clock when i have an important place i want to go the next morning.
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Yes, i need a high sounding alarm to wake up, otherwise i dont wake up.

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I only do when I have to wake up in a certain time the next morning. For example when I have to wake up very early so I have to go to work or School, or run any other errand. Otherwise I just wake up Whenever....i hate feeling anxious about not missing time, I dont sleep week when I use my alarm clock.
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I am an alarm clock dependent, If there is no alarm clock, assume that I'll sleep 12hrs straight! That is why I really need an Alarm Clock to wake me up every day and to do my ask according to its schedule. I don't want to rush things, I want to do it slowly to make it 100% sure because If I wake up late, I need to hurry, rush things that will result which isn't according to my plan.  That is why I really need an alarm clock to have a better coordination
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Yes, i usually do this but what surprises me most is that when it wakes me up the first thing  I do is to turn it off and go back to sleep again. This usually annoys me when I wake up later and find out what I did. I think sleeping early enough is good to wake up early.
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No. I never setup an alarm clock before I sleep. It is because my mental clock or the biological clock within me works well for me. I go to bed by 11.30 and get up at 6.30. What I ensure is that I get seven hours sound sleep. If I have to get up early for any function, I go to bed a little early. I fix my mental clock to get up at that stated fixed time and I get up without any difficulty.
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I do set but not everyday,only when I have a busy schedule the next day and won't like to get late. Even without the schedule, I think I will still make it,I mean, I can still wake up the time I had intended to.Its just about psychology, making up your mind.Not everyone can set their mind that way but it requires practise.
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Usually i do not set up alarms. My body and mind has adapted to my routine so when its time to wake up my body will automatically send a message to my brain and tell me hey its time to wake up. 

Usually i will feel like am tired even though my eyes may seem a little bit heavy, my body will keep insisting its tired and that i need to set motion. So i usually don't fight that feeling i will obey and wake up if i don't  my head will start aching for some reason. I think its because when you keep forcing something to happen in your body, You tend to use a lot of strength and because of that the muscles tense up resulting in aches and pains. I will only use an alarm if am planning to go somewhere for an appointment or something like that before my wake up time is up. Now that one i definitely need an alarm otherwise i will miss that appointment. Another time i set my alarm is when i am reminding myself about something, reminders are good, especially for someone who has too much on his or her plate. That way you won't miss out on any important issues. There is also another reason i set an alarm though not very often probably once in a while. This is when am taking a siesta its very easy to over sleep. Sunday afternoons are my nap times and if i don't put an alarm i can easily sleep until midnight which could end up being tricky in the sense that your supposed to report to work the next day at 8am looking fresh and rested but here you are wide awake at midnight and you can't go back to sleep. It doesn't even sound funny. Thats how my alarm system looks like. You know when your body is accustomed to waking up at a certain time it just responds you don't struggle so an alarm is not needed.
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 Setting alarm is the best for people who always forget the important things.its keep reminding them to do important work.

I can say I don't need alarm to remind me to wake up and remind me things ,I am good at maintaining particular timings and things .I remember things I have to do.So I don't use it much
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For years now I have not had to set an alarm clock. Still, I wake up at 6 each morning no matter what time I go to sleep. I have a natural alarm clock around here and they are called roosters. When the sun starts to come up or the break of dawn they start to crow. My neighbor raises hens and rooster so there are plenty of them where I live. At times I hate it when they do this, but other times it is great because there is no need to sleep all day long. 
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I have never used an alarm clock. I rely on my body clock to wake me and to date it hasn't let me down as I have never overslept. The only problem is I wake up early even when I don't need to.

I don't sleep more than 5-6 hours as I go to bed  late and wake early so I would say I'm pretty lucky that I am able to wake up without an alarm clock. I think it's down to the fact that I'm a very light sleeper and wake at the drop of a pin. Those people who sleep heavily are the ones who have trouble waking up without an alarm.
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Yes it is important to set up an alarm clock before you sleep if you are planning to wake up early to go to work or to achieve a certain agenda. Some people are good at waking up very early without being woken up by an alarm or some sort of noise outside. But some people like myself I'll find myself still in bed two hours past the time I was to wake up if I don't set alarm. So for me yes I set alarm before I go to sleep.

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