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Is it worth time to update my old blog post? Or should I go for a better new article about the new content? Which one would be better for seo?

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If you have older blog posts that people still read, then it is best to update the information. Especially if this is a review site and things have changed about your review. You can always leave the article the same as it is and add an UPDATE to the article. In the update, you'll explain all the changes and what has happened since you wrote the post. This is very common in blogging and especially in review sites. 

However, if you are writing how-to articles that tell a person how to do something and the technology has changed it is better to write a new article with the new instructions on it. Go back to your original article and write an update that will tell people that some of the steps have changed and let them know for what program. For example, if you wrote instructions for using Windows XP and now you need to tell people how it will work in Windows 7 or 10, you will add this to the update. You will also add a link in the update to go to the new set of instructions. 
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If you are given a choice between publishing a new post or updating an old content, I think updating the old blog post that are still generating views is better than publishing a new post. Google loves old content that is frequently updated.
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Sometimes, creating a new interest blog is better than updating your blog. But now, I think you can create multiple blog in one account. All you have to do is just add a new one that is interest by many, and once it hits your reach visitors goal, update it every now and then, Try to communicate with readers if they ask a questions. It takes a long time to build your own blogs and it takes longer to succeed. Sometimes, if you lucky enough, you can have lots of visitors in your site.I have blog about baking, I rarely update it actually. And in terms of visitors it's not that a lot. So i decided to leave for a moment and just add new updates soon enough if I have interesting food recipe on it. So, in conclusion, weather you keep update your old blog or create a new one, communicate with your audience.
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If you are referring to updating a blog post about the same topic you want to make a new post about I think updating the old blogspot will be the best because if one's blog is ranked better on search engine whenever the keyword of that topic is search on search engines that topic from one's blog will be shown and the users or reader might get the outdated information,so it better that is updated in case search engine bring that up for a searcher.

But if it just a new topic then creating a new blogpost it is and continous updating of the blog is Paramount if one really want to maximize the benefits herein of updating a blog frequently.

More views and traffic means more money for a monetized blog at least with Google AdSense. I think bloggers should know this.
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In my opinion this is question seem to contradict eachother,  "old articles" write "new article" about a "new content" these are three things that are seem not to be linked.
You can only update your old article in a blog if the update will be linked to the old content in the blog,  for instance you have written an article about a particular app for long which people had benefited from and there new features added to it which your followers are not aware of,  it is better to upgrade such content for better understanding of both old and new followers or visitors to your blog. This gives better ranking.
If you have a new idea entrely,  there is no need going back to old content that have no relationship with your new article, you just created new one and thats all.
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If your old blog post still gets lots of views, you should update it, especially if it's just a minor update. However, if it's something very major and noticeable, definitely go for a new article. This especially applies if your old post doesn't have as many views as your newer posts. If you edit your old post, chances are that the posting date will remain unchanged, and it'll remain at the bottom of your blog, where people won't see it. However, if you post a completely new article, you're more likely to get more views and gain a larger audience because it's at the top of your blog. If you're making money from affiliate programs like Google Adsense, you should always go for the choice that gives you more exposure.

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