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The women who played sports with flat chested it is because they wear something to protect their chest.

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No, it doesn't at all. I was thinking that ladies can't play rugby because of their bodies until I met some playing it very well. All they do is protect their upper body( the breast) and the rest is good.

Also, my sister plays football and there's no way of playing has affected her physiologically. They always say, what a man can do a woman can do better.
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• I don't think by playing  sports womens body will effect physiologically ,there are many sports person with good personality.

• Sports makes a person to be strong , healthy ,their physical appearance is well toned .

• I never seen a person effected for playing sports.

• Everyone should play sports ,the more actively we play the more healthy one will be.
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I think some sporting activities have the ability the affect a woman's physiological appearance. Take for example weight lifting. The pressure exerted on the muscles to pick up a heavier weight will definitely make the muscles stretch from its state and will continiously leave an effect. 

Women Have the capacity to develop muscles like Men given the type of diet, sports and physical activities. Some sport like running have the capacity of strength gains for the individual through muscle recruitment when combined with the right diet. 

So depending on the sort and diet, both sexes have the capacity to change physiological appearance but it is usually more in men because of the presence of testosterone. Hence women have less muscle density than men. 
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Well, in NY own simpler opinion, I don't think it's tthe major cause to flat chest of women participating in sport. From a particular research I stumple upon; I read from the research that, there are different types of female breast or chest pattern as designed bby God and due to individual body structure. Some chest are naturally flat even from the beginning and doesn't need any other thing to further make it flat.
So are slim and pointed and doesnt go flat no matter the situation. While some are big and gets flat if not properly maintained. Some women started spoiling their chest them self right from tender age by allowing rough play with it.
However, I trust ladies who participate in sport usually wear some smart wears to keep all part of their body sound and active. Trust me, they don't wear what will make it flat. Sport makes the body to form properly at young age .

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