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It is better to have a surplus firearms than less than men. It is part of the strat, they can hire more people even civilians to use the firearms in case of emergency.

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I feel this is because the US says it is fine for people to own firearms. So there are many people who go to an extreme and instead of buying just one, they buy 20. Then we have gun collectors who love to collect guns, a gun collector can own up to 50 or more guns in his collection.

Now if we are talking about the military, they feel the need to have enough guns to protect the US. Many of the guns are shipped overseas to support the different war efforts. The US has a very large supply of gun and they feel that it is necessary to protect the land and the people who live there. 
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The number of US Army is more 1 million people. The United States also manufactures firearms for its country and sells to other countries. The civilian population also has a lot of weapons. One of the reasons are laws. People who want to buy guns don't need to provide a lot of documents. Perhaps this is why there are a lot of mass murders in the USA. It's a very sad. Part of the weapons produced in the US, illegally sold abroad. This approach is very common among Mexicans. They go to the US, buy guns and then resell it in Mexico to drug dealers and criminals. As a result, poverty in the country and a lot of violence. People go to the border to seek asylum in the US.
I think that weapons attract violence. So, I am against guns.

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I think they are two major reasons why the united states is firearms flooded as opposed to other counties.
The first possible reason which is evident in the way firearms can be easily purchased in the united state is firearms regulations. In my country, there's very little laws constituiting the regulations of firearms. It is almost completely illegal for a civilian to own a gun. Only in rare cases where they get licensed to do so by the police. I don't think it's the same situation in the united states. Even if it were, then the laws and regulations are either loose or firearms friendly. This is probably the reason why firearms can be easily purchased in the united states.

The second reason is more of an intuition and not a proven fact. The united states is home to some of the major arms producing companies in the world. There are also hundreds of private military firms and contractors in the united states who master in military operations and have legal rights to deal on firearms. Through this channels, firearms can be easily accessed over the black market for any persons who do not want to go through the proper means of acquiring a gun for reasons known to them.
The above stated are probably the two best possible explanation as to why the united states has more guns on the hands and homes of civilians than other countries.

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