I just wanted to know the meaning of jailbreak in ps4
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break free from prison

Literally it means: break free from prison. And that is exactly what it does. It removes a part of the restrictions from Sony so that you can play pirated games etc. Please keep in mind tgat you should NEVER go online with a jailbroken console. Also jailbreak voids the warranty and jailbreaking is a risky process.
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I agree with this answer. A jailbroken device is highly unstable and susceptible to viruses and hacking. Definitely not worth it in my opinion.
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"Jailbreaking" is a form of unauthorized modifications done to an electronic device. It is a quite risky way to bypass manufacturer settings in a device in order to unlock certain things including but not limited to features and carrier usage. While jailbreaking is not illegal, it can infringe upon copyright rules and can also cause your device to behave sporadically.
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PlayStation Jailbreak was the first Universal Serial Bus chipset that allows unauthorized code execution, such as homebrew, on the PlayStation 3. It bypasses a system security check using a memory exploit which occurs with USB devices that allows the execution of unsigned code
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Break free from prison and that is exactly what it does. it remove a part of the restrictions from sony so you can that play pirated games etcs.
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