Thank you in advance for replying.

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I just send the site's admin about redeeming it. I did this on the 5th day of the month. It is what indicated in the site's FAQ. You can check it out.
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Thank you for answering.  But  There's no 'Admin' to contact. There's this 'Contact Us'. Is that the one?

I've read and re-read the FAQ. None. Maybe, it's the 'Contact Us' to get to the Admin about payouts?

Thanks for your patience.
You can directly message the site's admin. I did this a couple of times now. They can answer you back once they read your concern.
Thanks. Could you please post the site's Admin link? The actual LINK I can directly write to. Thanks for your help.
You just need to add the Admin as your favorite. Then you can a private message to them.

Super Admin

Got it. I went to Members.  Then search for User Answeree. Vwalah! Super Admin to the rescue.

I hope you had your payment by now. I had mine for a couple of times since being active here.
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After you have reached minimum payout points which is three thousand points you will be required to send a private message to the admin where your account will be checked first and after approval of your account you then receive your payout via your PayPal adress account.
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If you reached the minimum payment and want to withdraw then just Private message the answeree author profile for withdrawal.
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