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I have time for my nephew. I do not have children of my own so I practice that with my nephew. We watch YouTube together and I sing a long with him some nursery rhymes. 
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Although i am yet to settle down, i do have time for children given birth to by my neighbours. And any time I have time and visit my sisters, i also do play with their kids. I seriously look forward to having children of my own someday.
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Yes, I always give time for my children no matter what because they need my attention.

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Yes I am a guardian to my niece and I give her all my time. She is four years old and therefore very playful. Most of the time she is out playing with the kids in my neighborhood and the times that she is at home, I give her all the time and attention she needs. We play games, we learn a few things and I help her with the assignments. 

I am not a parent yet but from the experience received from taking care of my niece, I know many advantages of a parent giving a child enough time. First, it creates a bond of trust. The children will always trust you with their biggest secret. I should admit that I have given my niece more of my time more than her parents do. There was a time when she had come home and looked sad. Her mother, my sister, asked her why she was sad but she didn't confide in her later. Later she told me the secret that she had been keeping. I thinks she confided in me because I was giving her enough of my time. 

Secondly, giving children enough time will make them look up to us. We all learnt many things by copying. Once a child has enough of your time, she will learn things by doing what you do when you are together. 

Lastly, giving children enough time brings joy and happiness in their lives hence they become more productive. Whenever I visit my mum, I always go back feeling rejuvenated, same with visiting my dad. Parents brings joy to children, they are all they have when the world turns against them. 
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Yes. As parents it is our duty to listen to them and fulfill their genuine needs. Especially, the growing years of the children are very important. Actually speaking, that is the very crucial period of their life during which time we as parents have to pay appropriate attention to them and help them grow as good citizens with good moral character.
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My children are grown up now but I like to think I gave them enough time when they were little. I gave up working for 8 years to be able to spend time with them. I didn't want to miss any of those milestones and I'm so glad that I was there to see them. When I went back to work I only did part time so that I could be with them as much as possible; I was always there to see them wake up and to kiss them goodnight and my sister would look after them while I worked so they were always with family. Childhood is fleeting and before you know it they are grown and making their own way in life so it's important to spend as much time as you can with them.

I am now bringing up my granddaughter who is 11. I have had her since she was 4 and I can't believe the time has gone so quickly. Now I'm retired so it's easy to be there for her. I'm trying to give her the kind of life she couldn't have with her parents. I've been to every school play, every parents evening at school, arranged her birthday parties, been up all night with her when she was sick. Although she may not understand completely now I hope she will look back and know I did my best for her.
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When my daughter was young it was so hard to be a single parent and have to work to support her. But there were a few rules I had when she was growing up. No matter what we always had dinner together without a TV on. She was allowed to choose the music we'd listen to when we at. During dinner was our special time together so we could talk and tell each other how our day was.

Each Sunday was our day. She could pick and choose what she wanted to do this day. If she wanted a friend to spend the night on Saturday the two girls could pick where we would go and what we would do Normally this was skating, swimming at the beach, going to the park to watch all the street performers and a special breakfast where they wanted to go and eat.

It wasn't easy, but all parents try to spend time with their children. I always liked to be part of her life and spend as much time as I could with her. We'd paint together, go roller skating, swimming, hiking, camping and just watching a special program on TV that she wanted to see. 
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Children should be given enough time for interaction with family members in order for them to feel loved by their parents and other siblings. This enables the family to have a good a good relationship with each other and the other community. When you give time to your child he or she will be very active and always happy to be around the family members.
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Children are the greatest gift from God and in whatever we do, we should put them first.You might not have the materialistic stuff to provide them with plus luxurious life but that that you spend with them is more worth than the luxurious life. Children need our love and care and no matter how busy we are with job we should create and have some quality time with them.
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Certainty I do ,I love kids trying to learn,explore and discovery things themselves and I know they csn learn better that way so I create time for them where they are left in their own world .

I also create time where I also get involved with them,where I teach ,preach, educate,play and do all sort with them.This help them get a sense of belonging and create excellent bond with them.

I want to have kids that will be very open to us their parents, so I listen a lot to them while spending time and try to draw them closer to me by allowing them open  up to us without shutting them down or judging them.I think all parents should do same.

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