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I have seen some families with 12 children, 4 children, 3 children and even just 1 child. 

There are as well some families without any child at all. 

How many children do you wish to have in your family? 

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When I was teens, I only wanted one child because that's the only thing I think I can afford to since, I am not rich person. And of course, to minimize the population in this world. There are families how have too many children and then they are too poor.Most family who have less children are in the middle because they know how to do a family planning. The government are giving education for families who did not know about this but, some of them are just ignored it. I feel pity for a child that I bring in this world if I can't afford to support my own child. It is like, why would you bring an innocent child in this world if you cannot be able to provide the needs. And I have two children now because my partner demanded a two child which I did not have a choice or else its a chaos between us.
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Though children are gift from God but I still think we shouldn't have number of kids that we can't cater for .it can be so depressing to bring in kids to the world and we leave them hungry and unattended to.Well I'm hoping to have about 3 kids and see how it goes before adopting 1 or 2. Sometimes I ask myself if it's necessary to have mine even when they're already children scattered everywhere looking for people to cared for them.I look around and believe the world is already populated with very handsome, beautiful and intelligent kids all people need do is to  pick them up and turned their lives around. The world will be a beautiful place if we can care for these kids than birthing more people.
I will continue to like a small family with just numbers of kids I can cater for.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
If I will able to get a husband and we get married in the future, I go for 2 kids and the oldest should be 5 years older. Our country is a third world country. We are struggling with our economy. I want to be a responsible mother and I don't want my kids to suffer with the problems in economy. It should be plan. Me and my husband should be prepared for it. Two kids is like having a balance. A boy or a girl, that is enough. I want them to have a good future so they need to be two. Also, with that number, for sure as a mother, i will be very focused on their future and welfare. I will able to give what they really needed. I will able to guide them all through out. I want to be part of them growing up. I want to always be there for them, and be just responsible.
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The issue of how many children I would like to have have already long be decided. I know it doesn't really sound appropriate to discuss about the number of children one would like to have in marriage due to the fact is God that give children. But I also believe with the presence day birth control methods which He blessed us, we can do something about giving birth reasonably. I wouldn't want a situation whereby I can't adequately take care of the number of children I will have. Just as we often experience in our society where people give birth to children they can't cater for. This children grow up to become menace to the society due to lack of proper upbringing.

With the help of God I will be settling for three children, and after them, my wife and I can focus more on things that will help in bettering their lives
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What I see in the generation of my parents is that they are many children in the family like 9 in my mother and 7 in my father but in our generation we are only 4 children in the family. My uncles have 2 children only. I think in this generation having more children is not the trend anymore usually 3 only and the family will start family planning.
I think 4 children or 5 children is ideal. If the family is rich there is no problem having more children. For me having more children is a blessing and big family can be a happy family. If you think you are poor having 2 kids is enough.

What I observe here in my country the poorer the family the more children they have so they are really miserable. Those well to do family sometimes have just 2 children. Some parents are wiser in planning the number of their children
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
I will like to have just enough children that I can cater for. There's no need to have so many children and you cannot take care of them. There are plenty rich folks as well that have enough money to cater for a batallion but they still have few kids.
It isn't really about the money most times but that is a huge influence. Some people do not even wish to have kids at all. Having said that, I think it is also about the state of being, being ready physically, mentally and financially to accommodate another life in your body and soul. Not everyone can become as selfless as parents ought to be.
In other words, there are people who are parents by word but aren't parents by actions. There are so many people that societal factors have made parents but parenting isn't innate in them.
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answered by ELITE (3,094 points) 3 6 14
Though man propose but God in his infinite mercy has the final say, but just as every normal human do have desires, I equally have desire to born four children by God grace. The number which I've planted and pictured in my mind as a desirdesire that I hope some day God can grant. I actually grew up in an estate with a particular uunique family that I never stopped to admire and envy. Its a family of four children though as at then, they were all grown. The order of arrangement actually trips me a lot, the first born was a male, the second was a famale, the third was a male while the last was a female. The children were full of virtue, moral and modest in religion and social wise. The first child was studying medicine aand surgery in the University, the second was à fresh graduate of Engineering, the third was also a graduate of business Administration while the last was studying law.

From that years, I envy and wish to have my children in four and same oorder with character.
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It is fundamental that only God knows the number of children He will give to everyone on this site but for the fact that don't know God's intention, it becomes necessary for us to wish or desire to have certain number of children.
I wish to have up to 10 children provided I have the money to take care of them to an extent that non of them will for one day regret of his or her existence  as a result of financial challenges or lack of basic comfort.
In an economy that survival becomes very challenging it is better to have few number of children that one can cater for,  I have seen scenarios where some children almost curse their parents due to the fact that their parents are unable to take care of their needs at a young age and there making life uncomfortble for them
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I wish i could say how many children i want in my family, but i'ts not a decision i make, i may say that i want 3 or 4 kids but what God has planned for me is what stands. Maybe he may say i will have 6 or 10 children, then what! Can i fight that? Of course not. But anyway let me say kids are a gift from God and i will answer your question this way if it were up to me, i would like to have 2 kids in my family. In this day and age i doubt if there are people who are still thinking of getting 2 or more children. Considering the economy that we are living in, it is becoming harder for one to sustain one child leave alone 2 or 3. Anyway it all again depends on the two people involved. You have to have a mutual agreement, and sometimes that doesn't even work, because there are those oops moments when things happen

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