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It depends where you are and what you want to advertise.

A few tips you should always keep in mind though: have a specific niche, add relevant content to whatever you want to advertise and make sure you drive lots of traffic to your webpage.

It will also depend on whether you want to invest on the advertisements or not.

There are many social medias that can help you with that: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best options nowadays =) You can also have a blog or website.
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Today it is not as easy as before to get people to notice you. In the beginning, you will spend a lot of hours trying to find people to visit your site. Here are a few ways you can start off:

  1. Join forums that are in your niche. Use your website address in your signature. Start working on the forum and meeting people. You can use the different forums to advertise your site. Many forums now offer a cheap way to advertise your blog in their banner ads.
  2. Join different Facebook groups in your niche. This will help you to meet people and also tell them about your new site. 
  3. You can join other social media networks like Google+ and invite people to your pages. Just make sure that you add some great content on these pages so people will want to follow you.
  4. Twitter is also another great way to meet people and get the word out. You can use Twitter as a selling tool. Whenever you have promotions or items to sell, you can tweet this. There are a few software programs now that will help you to re-tweet these messages during the day. The more you re-tweet a message the more people will see it.
  5. However, the key to all this is your followers. You will need to make friends on all the social media site.
  6. On Facebook create a page for your site and pack it full of great information and promotions. You can advertise this page on other groups and get people to join yours. 
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answered by Patron (1,914 points) 3 6 16
All the attempts at advertising are to connect with its target audience in the places they frequent the most. It is exposure and nothing but exposure. Because of this, it is not a surprise to any of us that the most popular social media network facebook is one of the leading places in digital advertising.
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Facebook is the leading social media platform which is highly populated. You will meet different kinds of people in Facebook. So I find it convenient for advertising  because you'll meet so many audience. Join various Facebook groups, join Facebook pages and also for you to meet so many audience it depends with the number of friends you have. WhatsApp is gaining popularity in a lightening speed and most people can access WhatsApp. I find it best to advertise your business. Other platforms where you can advertise includes Twitter, Instagram and Google account. But the number of targeted audience depends with the number of followers.
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Google Adword is the advertising program for advertisers and Google Adsense is ad network for publishers. The advertiser who runs ads campaign on Adword will have his ad run with Google Adsense for publishers. Google Adsesne has 66.5 percent marketshare. The nearest competitor is Google Ads with 17.66 market share. The third competitor is Bing Ads which as just about 2.32 percent marketshare. Therefore, if your primary motive is to reach more people, run ad campaign on Adword and have your ads placed on adsense approved website. Adsense powers 2,721,740 websites. If you want to do social media marketing, you can try Linkedin or twitter because these websites have more market share than any other social media share in terms of advertising.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
Advertising is probably the most effective means of driving a business towards it's set goals. It gives the business awareness to the general public by stating it's bases and operation methods. Without advertising, a business is most likely not to succeed. In saying so, it's only wise for a business to choose advertise as a medium of engaging or drawing people's attention to it's establishment. Choosing to advertise online is also a plus as the internet has gradually become one large community. Hence, choosing the mediums or playforms to advertise online is necessary to a business.
Social media in my opinion is the best means of advertising online due to it's overwhelming social engagements on a daily basis. In saying so, Facebook will be my number one recommendation when it comes to online advertising. Facebook needs no introduction. It's probably the largest online community with Instagram and twitter tailing behind. Making a presence on Facebook will be a very good move. You can basically find any type of audience on Facebook. The easiest way to engage people on Facebook inline with business is by starting a facebook page and everything follows after that. To make it even better, a business can opt for paid advertising on facebook in order to gain more audience. The same is applicable to twitter and Instagram too.
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It depends on your audience, and what kind of product/service you're providing for your target demographic. There are many social media platforms out there with millions of users daily, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you know your target demographic, you can use certain hashtags to guarantee that people will see your advertisements and posts. Instagram and Tumblr are some places where it's really easy to build a large following - Instagram especially. If you know how to utilize your hashtags, you can start racking up followers - just be sure to post systematically, using apps like Later and Storrito to schedule your posts and be prompt. Spamming your audience with many ads per day, followed by a week of radio silence is a good way to get unfollowed. You should make your audience want to see more content from you.

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