Any other side effects aside from it have acid content?
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Common side effects of aspirin are


Allergic reaction


Abdominal pain


Gastrointestinal ulcerations

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thank you for your answer. So those are common side effects, what about if there are any other common or surprising side effects, that can be life-threatening, are there any, or do you heard some?
Taking aspirin daily may increase the risk of a bleeding stroke known as hemorrhagic stroke. 

It may also increase the risk of developing a stomach ulcer.

It can also trigger a serious allergic reaction in some specific cases.
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If a person is taking aspirin for a long time, it can lead to heart diseases. Some doctors claimed this and it is one of the side effects. I am sure there other alternative medicines.
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I never knew that thanks alot. It is a quick pain reliever but has adverse effects. 
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Aspirin when taken in case of headaches it relieves it faster but unfortunately long term usage predisposes one to constant headaches and can cause formation of stomach ulcers. 
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