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Many women are now betting on this harmful antioxidant to make their skins lighter in color.

It is easy to find soaps, pills and shots with this antioxidant that promise to make women younger and with a lighter skin complexion. Even thougb many of these products are sold as "100% safe", they are not. In fact this product will only help in the texture of the skin and help you get rid of darker patches, but not make the whole skin lighter.

It is a dangerous product for those who take while breastfeeding or while pregnant as it can cause damage to the fetus. As for the person who takes it it can cause issues in the transport of blood to the livers. Also, this product gets burned by stomach acids when taken orally, which defeats the whole purpose...the shots are way stronger but cause serious liver damage.
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Our body has already Glutathione, and if you lacking such, you have to take Glutathione from the market. Many believes that Gluta is good for cleansing the system before it will take effect to make your skin white. Some people will not accept the Glutathione in their body because they already have it and taking it will produced  too much. That is why, other get good benefits from taking Glutathione, while are don't.
In terms injection of Glutathione, it mainly for skin whitening because it directly injected into your skin and doesn't need to go through to your stomach. Both have the same goal which skin whitening, but mainly different process. I heard some people vomiting blood while taking Glutathione capsule and maybe the reason you have to consume it when you have stomach empty, but rather take ut with meal.
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Glutathione is safe for most adults when taken by mouth, by inhalation, or by injection into the muscle or into the veins. It doesn't harm for an adult human body. Sometimes, it's needed based on your body requirements. For example, if you have an extreme hangover, Glutathione can help you out from the Hangover.

However, during Pregnancy and breastfeeding period women can avoid this substance. They can stay on the safe side and avoid the use of Glutathione. But other than every adult human can take Glutathione with the proper dose.

You can take a look at some substances like Glutathione which is needed for the human body for a sickness condition...

Right Dose for Glutathione:

If you are taking it intravenously, take 2gms of Glutathione for safer use.

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Glutathione is possibly safe safe for most adult when taken by mouth. By inhalation, into the muscle or into the possible side effects are not known. If precautions are taken into considerations. There won't be any issues, some of the precautions are: Pregnancy and breastfeeding: not enough is known about the use of glutathione during pregnancy and breast feeding.Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Asthma: do not inhale glutathione if you have asthma. It can increase some asthma symptoms.

Some of the visible side effects are : nausea and vomiting;  the doctor can prescribed aanti nausea to uoi  and as for vomiting, you can change your eating habit and meals. Some of other effects are taste change; all you need to do is, if your favourite food taste different just try to change it and go for liguid drinks to avoid vomiting.

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