Bad days, good days, bad years, good years depends on your attitude in your circumstances
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I've learned a lot, too cherish everything you got never ever take anything you got or anyone for granted a lot of people are out here losing themselves and others due to Covid so we all have to keep our heads up. I also have been educating myself due to Covid as far as Politics, News, the education I have taken a lot more seriously instead of like going out.
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You re absolutely right. Never take anything for granted and cherish the loved ones. Life is too short and tomorrow is not promise.
This is actually so true, I had no idea what was going on in the world up until this year. 
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The best thing that I have learned is stay informed with local news on the Coronavirus so you adjust going out into the community. I live in Georgia which is currently in the red zone so I always go shopping in the early morning hours when it is less people.
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That's one of the best Key. That makes a lot of sense, not only to protect yourself, but also to protect the others
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This pandemic has really shown me that I have been neglecting my mental health by diving into work and just ignoring my mental state. It taught me to prioritize myself over everything because if I'm neglecting myself then I'm definitely neglecting the people around me which is not the person that I'm trying to be. 
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Keep a distance with everybody. That is what i learned from covid days. And learned to stay inside with minimum needs. Tried to help others when they are in need
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I learned that jobs and employment are not permanent. You need to have mutiple sources of income. I learned that everyone has there life so you need to work hard on your hard, and leave the rest to God
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Pandemic gave me a lot of time to think about numerous aspects which were unintentionally ignored in the busy-ness of regular life. There were certain rooms in the brain which were locked so long, so i got time to check most of them and create fresh space for something new and more productive. Also, it make me realize that its okay to be alone and not going out as well as power of remote and virtual connectivity as it was the only way to connect with loved ones. 

I learnt some useful skills which otherwise i was not going to learn.
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