First date brings a roller-coaster of feelings to all of us. How was your first date experience, share some instance. 
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Well, my first date wasn't as grand as I have hoped for, and it was very lame. The guy was the type to not make an effort and he wasn't the greatest guy to be with. He was so full of himself. I was really disappointed at that time. We went to a very ordinary place and it wasn't a romantic place either. He said he had dated there with his girlfriends in the past, and it was kind of upsetting that I felt I wasn't special. He never brought me flowers and he wasn't a gentleman either. 
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Seems like a player that knows where he prefers to take his dates to, somewhere cheap and uneventful.
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Typical and unexciting; we went to the cinema and watched a silly movie. Both our shyness did not help the first date experience either. The conversations were boring as well to keep it on the safe side.
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