It s different depend on the woman so if you can answer on your own experience
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I think the whole time span is challenging for a women. But if it is about most difficult part, then it would be the later time of pregnancy period when the tummy starts getting more heavier, more backache, more discomfort to move around and scary feeling that child shouldn't born until i lend up in hospital. And then delivery is the ultimate difficult part, the pain, the unforeseen threat of infant's health and whether its going to be normal or caesarean. 

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The hard times for me were carrying the baby, I had severe symptoms of eclampsia that I had no clue of to the point I came from a furniture store was about to get out of the car when I fell and had multiple seizures in all the way to the hospital they had to perform an emergency section because I and my baby girl were at risk of death. After they delivered my baby I was in a coma for a couple of weeks and after bed rest when I woke up, I recovered very fast thanks to the nurses there getting me up every morning to practice walking and exercising. I do not remember much only from what I was told but I am pretty blessed and so is my daughter we made it alive. People need to realize before having children as much as how beautiful it is its a very risky process if you're unable to handle it and you know your at high risk when it comes to pregnancy please talk to your doctor before hand.
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Pregnancy and delivery differs for every woman. And also the children. This is because of the difference in hormones for everyone. Generally these are the most experienced by many women:

Vomiting and nausea

Headaches and backaches

Food cravings 

Loss of appetite 

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The most difficult part of pregnancy for some women is the symptoms of morning sickness when they are unable to eat anything in the first and second trimester. While for others there are no symptoms and they can eat anything. As for the delivery the pain and to push the baby out is not an easy task.
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