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Involuntary twitching of the eyelid is annoying but not serious. It can happen over a day or sometimes go on for much longer. The correct term for it is myokymia. If the condition is so strong that it closes the eyelids it is then known as blepharospam.

There are several reasons this can happen, fatigue, eye irritation, eyestrain or stress. None of them are serious and the condition usually goes away on it's own. A week does seem a long time to have been experiencing this but I wouldn't worry, it isn't usually noticeable to other people.
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Hi! It means you are stressed or anxious.

If your routine is crazy or if you have a lot on your mind then this might occur. I get that every once in a while, lasts from 3-10 days, usually.

Now, if your case is non-stop make sure you talk to a doctor.

What you can do to soothen the issue is go slow, try to be less stressed or nervous. Also avoid make-up on your eyes, so they get less irritated.

Good luck!
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Eyelids twitching is a repetitive involuntary spasm of the eyelids. Although the actual cause is unknown, there are certain factors that may lead to this spasm like fatigue, eye irritation, physical exertion, caffeine, alcohol. 

It usually mild,painless and goes away in a few days so you have less to worry about. Only when it gets severe and twitching could be strong making both eyelids shut. This is a condition called "blepharospasm". You might consider a doctor for that. 

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